"Merging Mind into Heart Wisdom."

Meditation Classes every Week.

Meditation has been proven scientifically to reduce stress and regulate emotions, however training an over-active mind to be single-pointed and not get carried away by the flow of thoughts can be difficult because we are used to identifying with our thinking. A skilful way to empty the mind of thought is to extinguish it at the root by questioning into the nature of the mind and by seeking the source of the thought. When inquired into, thoughts diminish and the looking opens up into a panoramic sense of awareness, which is our natural state. Your attention is guided to transcend objective body identification to rest in the effortless, peaceful, subjective self, illuminating the lightness of being.

The Benefits of Meditation:
• Promotes Mental Health and Cognitive Development
• Heightens Self-Awareness and Self–Acceptance
• Reduces Incessant Mental Chatter
• Reveals Your Essential Peace - a Filled Self

This meditation is particularly suitable for intellectual and philosophical types, as well as those who struggle to focus their attention.

Linda’s meditations unfold from her inner guidance in accordance to the needs of the group and may include a short discussion on meditation tips and traps, reflective exercises, and focusing techniques to enhance the direct experience. The focus is not on learning but self-discovery of your innate peace-filled self.

Linda V. Fancy has been a spiritual seeker all her life due to growing up in a world of loss and loneliness. From a young age she became a researcher of the truth to find answers to why she led a life of suffering. Many books, and many traditions later, her heart fell open at the feet of her beloved master Mooji as he put rest to her questions and merged her mind in her inner knowing. Today, Linda acts as a mental freedom facilitator and has her own retreat centre in South India. She holds meditation and satsang in the spirit of Advaita Vedanta - non-dual teachings - and invites those seeking inner silence to join her in her weekly-guided sessions.

Event Details

Mindful Meditation
Group Classes

every Friday at 12:00pm

Location: Balance Health

Price: HKD 200

Want to experience the healing energy on your own? Book a private Meditation class.

To register, please call us on 2530 3315 or fill out the form below.

Listen to a guided Mindful Meditation by Linda.

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