Irene Li

Certified Aromatherapist
English, Cantonese, Mandarin
+852 2530 3315

ITEC Diplomas and Certificates in Aromatherapy, Anatomy, Physiology & Therapeutic Massage, Indian Head Massage and Pregnancy Massage

Relax and relieve all your stress and tension.

For each client, an initial lifestyle consultation will be taken, then a special massage oil will be made using a synergistic blend of 100% pure essential oils to suit the client’s needs– be it backache, muscle tension, insomnia, fluid retention or headache.

Irene Li was born in London and gained experience with Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Massage & Baby Massage while managing her own Beauty & Massage Centre for 7 years in Dubai. She returned to Hong Kong in 2013 and is pleased to offer personalised aromatherapy treatments.

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Therapies by Irene


Elisabeth Mok

"I approached Irene for a massage as I experienced nervousness, stress, IBS and lower back pain."

"I approached Irene for a massage as I experienced nervousness, stress, IBS and lower back pain after moving to Dubai last summer. After the first massage Irene gave me feedback about my problem zones of stress that felt cold to the touch cold (lower back and feet) and advice what to do at home to alleviate my problems. She also gave me a bottle with the aromatherapy oils for my own perusal after showering and a brief recap by email about my tense and dry areas."
Lara S.

"It works miracles!"

"I joined Irene‘s aromatherapy consultation at Balance Health to explore how essential oils can improve my health and wellbeing. I was immediately caught by her enthusiasm and learned a lot about the application and the different characters of several essential oils. During the session Irene also gave me advice how to soothe my digestive disorders and alleviate my sleeping problems. Since then I diffuse ‘Peace & Calming‘ before I go to bed and massage the sole of my feet clockwise with ‘Thieves‘. It works miracles! In addition, after lunch I often felt bloated and sleepy. Now I apply three drops of ‘Peppermint‘ topically on my belly and feel immediately refreshed and uplifted. Thank you Irene for introducing me into the fascinating world of essential oils and for the enriching experience!"