Maintain Your Wellness with Intuitive Channelled Energy

As living beings, we constantly evolve and develop an awareness of self- preservation. Intuitive Channelled Energy is the practice of harnessing a connection between ourselves and the cosmos to enable healing and maintain our wellbeing. It provides a therapeutic and non-invasive remedy to ailments affecting the body, mind and soul.

Have you ever had the same problem come up in life? Repeating itself or simply not being solved correctly? It might be that you’ve been unable to uncover a lesson and overcome a problem on the first attempt. Intuitive Energy healing helps you connect with your higher self / your sub conscious, helping you to release what does not service you in the present.

Energy healing involves our spirits or guides, they shepherd us in a direction which enables us to help ourselves. In order for us to progress positively and become more aware we each have to unearth our own life lessons and these spirits can act as beacons of enlightenment.

As a medium of energy, Chew Yin connects with the psyche of higher consciousness and energy is transferred to the desired area of healing, be it physical, psychological, or spiritual. In addition to the channelling of spiritual energy, crystals and essential oils are also drawn upon during the session to enhance vibrations and the senses.

The focus of a Intuitive Channelled Energy consultation is to calmly lead the subject away from restrictions that bind us, and towards the frequencies of energy which surround us all to enable grounding and equilibrium. Each journey is a personal one and each experience will differ. The practice promises to aid in the release of the difficulties that are troubling a person, whilst creating a stronger awareness of self and repairing inner wellbeing.


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