Using your birth details, Justin reveals your divine blueprint for this lifetime, your spirit’s purpose and lessons to learn. He also looks at current and upcoming planetary energies and how best you can use these in your daily life

If you could sit next to someone who could see beyond the person you are right now and see the other possibilities in store for you - what you truly are capable of – would you take that seat?

Here are the gifts you can expect from a session…
I work on an intuitive level, mirroring back the Divine blueprint of an individual's soul. During a Soul Reading I can pick up what is keeping a person from living life to their fullest potential. As a result, people can step forward in life and become the person they are destined to be. I’m a life coach for the soul.

The biggest challenge for most of us is facing ourselves, and embrace and accept our faults, wounds and setbacks. Many people spend a lifetime without discovering themselves and what they can achieve. Sessions are not always easy, as to grow we must explore the deepest parts of ourselves and bring awareness to what is unseen.

In practice - your hour with me:
I will connect with your field, your higher self and the masters who work with you, doing so I receive images in my mind's eye, perceive emotions and sensations and receive clear messages and information.`

I go through each of the chakras, reading the energy and story held in each. These can divulge a great deal about what needs to be cleared or released from a person’s field. Connecting higher, I receive messages and visions from your higher self and masters. This may be in connection with events that have transpired in this lifetime or fragments from other lifetimes.

I may also channel if one of the higher beings chooses to come through, but cannot control when this happens so it may take place in one session, but not in the next. Channeling is always profound as there is an energy download directly into your field at the same time as verbal information.

Lifetimes thread together and sometimes it takes many to learn a lesson that our soul chooses to experience, offering clarity that doctors and psychologists could never provide. Understanding your life patterns will empower you to take responsibility of your life and destiny.

Sessions are directed towards empowering, providing clarity and giving direction on your life path. I act as a cosmic mirror, reflecting back to you your gifts, talents and latent abilities. I show wounds and blocks, fears and challenges that are conscious or otherwise, and patterns that stem from your childhood or other lifetimes. These healing tools allow you to move forward and feel focused and joyful.

Next sessions:
Sessions unfold like the petals of a lotus. During each I connect to the top layer that requires the most attention, and since each session includes ‘homework’ to work on what transpired during our time together. As you grow and heal, more information and energy becomes available. You gain an even greater understanding of who you are as you do the work.

If you are interested in working with me you may be one of two possible clients:
1)One-off or unscheduled sessions: Clients who wish to know more about themselves through lifetimes and realities, while exploring themselves. These clients are familiar with self-realisation and have sessions to gain more clarity and direction, confirmation and understanding on their path either as a one-off or occasionally. From time to time we need an external source to help us along our journey.

2) Repeat regular clients for intensive growth: Clients who wish to work closely with me as a spiritual life coach. We build on healing homework given each session, expanding on what you discover and develop structure and abilities so you fully embrace what you are capable of.

These clients achieve far more in a shorter time as I become a spiritual support catalyst. As a Sagittarius, I am direct, forward, and desire for you to be free and expand beyond the limiting beliefs and patterns that hold you back. I do this though compassion, clarity, love and wisdom.

Soul Readings can be done remotely on a skype.


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