Stay Up All Night, Aches And Pains Everywhere

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Dr. Grace Yu (游心慈 香港註冊中醫師)


As a visiting practitioner, I often travel between Taiwan and Hong Kong, and in the midst of changing spaces, it is a good time to rest, to let my body and mind relax and empty out, in order to prepare for the incoming cases. In many cases, "sleeplessness" or insomnia is a common theme that has plagued the cases for a long time and requires a certain amount of time to help.


From the perspective of Chinese medicine practitioners, "sleep disorder" means that in mild cases, it is difficult to fall asleep or sleep for a shorter period of time, or it is easy to wake up and it is difficult to fall asleep after waking up; in more serious cases, it means that one cannot sleep at all throughout the night. Chinese medicine practitioners will identify the different internal organs of the patients through the four diagnostic methods of observation, listening, questioning and reading the pulse, and in some cases, it will be accompanied by problems of the digestive system of the spleen and stomach such as loss of appetite, fullness and distention in the stomach and epigastrium, and weakness in the extremities, or excessive dreaming, and fatigue that is related to the balance of qi and yin in the heart; there are also different symptoms of yin deficiency and hyperactivity of the fire, deficiency of the heart and spleen, and deficiency of the blood and liver, and so on…


Chinese medicine practitioners will select acupuncture points and apply medicines according to the individual's differences to tonify the heart and spleen, nourish the yin and lower the fire, communicate with the heart and kidneys well, dredge the liver and nourish the blood, and dissolve phlegm and clear away the heat, etc., so as to make the qi and blood regulate and balance the yin and yang, and the functions of the internal organs can be restored. Of course, in the process of assisting the case, listening and helping the case to find the source of worry and tension is also an important part of the process, usually through acupuncture with the biodynamic craniosacral therapy , so that the case to relax and experience the calm, have more inner space to realize and notice the body's subtle feelings, when a person can be able to connect to the source of the internal emotions through the body feelings,  to allow such emotions to dissolve and at the same time gain deeper understanding. 


Most of the cases will feel relaxed after the session, walk with a sense of ease, have a broader vision of sight, rather than focusing only on the points that they normally focus on. The most frequently asked question is, what have you done and why do I feel this way? And how do I maintain this state of mind in my life? But whether it is diagnosis or treatment, I keep in a state where I seem to be doing something, but I am not doing anything. I listen to the feelings of the case, so that the case can have enough peace of mind to open up, and help them to return to their own " neutral line", which is different from case to case, and some cases will need a few sessions to improve, the process of the case's response sometimes becomes a key to treatment, to help them understand themselves better, and the efficacy of the effect to play twice as much as half the result.


Most modern people have an imbalance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, which leads to many diseases and physical discomfort. The treatment process helps the patient to return to his neutral point and to face the current problems he is experiencing with a broader perspective, both physically and in life. 


However, in some cases, discomfort surfaces in the body during the process, and it is true that there are many levels of physical issues and emotional feelings, and some issues may surface at different stages. The body is our best teacher, and through these feelings of discomfort, we enter the process of self-understanding and transformation, and it seems that an issue has been resolved after a few sessions of treatment. But I must say that this is all due to the fact that it was you who decided to allow yourself to enter this state, to really face the physical discomfort or psychological discomfort, only that you chose to ignore it or not to feel it, so that when the problem accumulated to a certain level, it was necessary to let you know in another stronger way, and there was a chance to return to a healthy balance.


How do I maintain this state in my daily life? 


I need to do this myself. Every day when I come home, I give myself at least 30-50 minutes, first of all, I move my body naturally with music for at least 10 minutes, it is best if I can move without any care, and then I calm down, with my nose inhaling and my mouth exhaling, I observe where my body is still tense, and I bring my breath there .At the end of the session may not be exactly like the experience in the case and the focused support, but it does allow us to relax and have a better night's sleep.


  • Sharing an acupressure point on the heart meridian:Tranquilizing the mind

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