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You are now ready to get pregnant and start your own family. You and your partner have been trying for sometime now but it seems that everything is not working right. You are starting to ask yourself? Is there something wrong with me? Why can’t I get pregnant?

Getting pregnant is not an easy journey for everyone else. A lot of factors and stressors led to infertility issues from around the world.

A 2020 WHO report stated that 15% or 48 million of couples in the world are infertile. Although infertility is becoming a growing problem nowadays, it is important to make it clear that it is not solely a woman’s problem. About 30% of cases are due to male factors alone, and up to 30% of cases involve problems with both partners.

To get the accurate fertility or infertility treatment, it is crucial to know and tackle the root cause of the problem. Let us go through the different common fertility problems that we see in the modern world.

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There are several causes of male infertility. It could be one of these factors or a combination of two or more. Among these factors are low sperm concentration, poor sperm motility, or abnormal morphology.  Most researchers also attribute the male infertility today to environmental pollution.

On the other hand, the causes of infertility in women are mostly due to age and are general health centered. These include the disruption of ovarian function, blockage and suboptimal uterine condition.


As our society continues to evolve and grow, the mindset and outlook in life of couples also tend to change. If in the past decades, people started to have their own families in their early 20s, the situation now is different.  Many women today are waiting until they are in their 30s before they start having their own families. This affects their chances of being pregnant. We have to remember that fertility in women naturally starts to decrease in the late 20s or in the early 30s. On top of this, it also continues to decline rapidly once women hit the age of 36.

Other Causes of Infertility in Women

Ovarian Function

Ovarian function is another key to getting pregnant. Some women are diagnosed with POI and PCOS. Premature ovarian insufficiency  and polycystic ovarian syndrome affect their ability to produce a healthy egg and then conceive. TCM treatments could have a positive impact on these conditions. TCM treatments help regulate menstrual flow and ovulation. They also help enhance egg maturity. All is crucial to achieve fertility.


If ovarian function is not a problem, then it is best to look at the health status of one’s fallopian tube. Successful fertilization may not happen if there are blockages in the fallopian tube. Among the causes of blockages are prior operation, ectopic pregnancy or ligation. It can also be due to fibroid in the uterus.

Suboptimal Uterus Condition

The uterus health is crucial not only for conception. It is also important for the healthy development of the fetus. There are several uterus conditions that can cause unsuccessful embryo implantation. Among them are the presence of uterine fibroids, adenomyosis and even hormonal imbalance. Gif Maker 2022 06 21T134250.286

Optimizing the uterus health is one of the priorities to ensure healthy fetal development. 

Here is a video of Dr. Clara Chan, a TCM doctor at Balance Health, discussing

this topic in a deeper clinical view. She also gladly shares tips on how to have a successful fertility and pregnancy journey.

For any questions and booking requests, feel free to contact us at and we are happy to help you.


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