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Eliminate the Root Cause of Your Stress with HRV Stress Assessment
HRV Stress Assessment helps you to identify factors that cause stress or consume your resources. It guides you personally to manage stress, charge your batteries and feel better.

How does the HRV Stress Assessment work?
HRV stands for Heart Rate Variability. Heart rate is constantly depending on your activities and if you are stressed or relaxed. Studying our heart provides us with a vast amount of information about our body. Therefore this Assessment tool captures the whole picture. Designed for professional health and wellness checks, the non-invasive HRV Stress Assessment combines 24-hour evaluations with industry leading analytics. It will analyze your well-being during leisure, work and sleep. The assessment reveals what is happening inside your body and explains why it is happening.

Evaluation with our Stress Management Counselor
On the basis of the data evaluation, you will have a personal session with our Stress Management Counselor Pascale Bertoli. Thereby you will discover causes of stress, you will define activities that promote recovery which are in line with your personal goals and you will learn how to enhance your sleep quality.

Benefits of HRV Stress Assessment

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Manage Stress
○ Recognize activities that cause stress
○ Identify consuming factors in personal life and work
○ Perform better

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Enhance Recovery
○ Understand how to recover better
○ Identify moments of recovery
○ Improve your sleep quality
○ Feel more energized and focused

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Exercise Right
○ Find the optimal level and right type of exercise for you
○ Increase the functional quality of your life
○ See the health effects of physical activities