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TRE® – Tension Release Exercises

offers you the opportunity to overcome any form of limitation by reclaiming and owning your vitality. TRE is an innovative series of exercises that induce a tremoring response in the body as part of a natural reflex to remove blocks deep within your cellular level.
Restless sleep, wandering nocturnal minds, we’ve all been there one time or another. 

Different types of trauma and stress include:

Physical: sports training, surgery, birth, car accidents, falling off your bike, abuse, injury.

Emotional: relationships, grief/loss, moving homes, divorce.

Mental: workplace environment, worry, school, lack of control, parents, children, addiction.

Vicarious: exposure to negative news on TV or social media, exposure to an intense work environment (ie. police officer, firefighter, paramedic).

Compassionate: listening to family/friends’ problems.

Generational: trauma that gets passed on culturally or from family.

Have you noticed that physical performance does not involve the brain neocortex? However, when we are in the zone, the subconscious takes over and the body flows as the right amount of hormones and physical effort takes over from our subconscious and ANS.

With Tension Release Exercises, as your body releases tension, it breaks down the fascia that goes deeper than traditional massages in a natural non-intrusive way. Same goes with your brain. Your brain will register less tension in the body and will begin to secrete hormones of wellbeing and energy through the tremoring response affecting the neuroplasticity of the brain. Mental clarity, flexibility paired up with body flexibility is reached at an optimal point through TRE.

TRE for Athletic Performance

Self-regulation is an asset to any performing athlete. The ability to observe, understand oneself and resource in order to make a friend and integrate resources and apply changes effectively. Since we are multi-dimensional beings, of all your background, physical, mental, emotional are working together. This intelligence combining body and mind allows a person to manage arousal and stress better in given situations. This is also proven to be a quality for positive parenting- whether parenting yourself or others.

TRE for Emotional Performance

Do you stumble changing an attitude and habit? Maybe a prior experience or long time postural or mental subconscious trait is holding you back.
To embody a performance, and keep an attitude steady, we must believe in it, ground it in our embodiment system- the ability to engrain in the body a positive habit and belief-supports this. If you can feel it, and mimic it, you become it.

Tension Release exercises can take place in physical and mental conditioning.
As well, practicing these as a team, or family, help to bound and improve communication- as our bodies resonate and synchronize together. Just as women living together experience with their cycles.

Relearning this natural reflex can uncover and make use of your vitality, to make the most of your life!

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