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The coronavirus has created unprecedented global uncertainties. Everyone’s daily life has been affected: many employees have been laid off, employers are struggling to keep their businesses… This negative environment refrains people from becoming Abundant.

Stephanie and Forest, our Reiki healers, are going to talk about how energy healing can help with Abundance.

1. Why clearing our blockages is so important?
Stephanie: In general, every being is born with a balanced energy. When we grow up, we face a lot of difficulties and we react with negative emotions, like anger, frustration, insecurity… This negativity creates energy blockages and are the source of many diseases/ emotional disorders, like stress, anxiety, insomnia, panic attack…

Forest: Many people have experienced energy blockages but they didn’t realize it. I have a friend who always complaint about her headache and migraine. She just resigned her job currently and she was very stressful with her job. She is also indecisive when it comes to making decision and she has difficulty of seeing a big picture in some situations. It has shown on her physical and emotional health. Once she has a clear mind to make the decision and being intuitive about what she really wants, she is the game changer of her life.

Stephanie: Many therapies can treat these issues at the surface, but the source of the issue remains. Energy healing like Reiki can help to heal the disease at its root. Rebalancing our internal energy is a way to do so.

Forest: Being said that, unblocking the unwanted energy can help us to receive abundance and peace, attract the life that we desire.

2. How can Reiki help with Abundance?
Stephanie: Negativity creates blockages that prevent us from manifesting the best version of ourselves. In that case, we may have fear, insecurity, lack of confidence, anxiety…
Imagine a thirsty man in the middle of a desert. He sees an oasis, but he is carrying such a heavy bag that he can barely move. Reiki helps him to remove this bag and to allow him run to the oasis.
By clearing our blockages and rebalancing our internal energy, we are giving ourselves the opportunity to show the brighter side of ourselves. When we become more confident and peaceful, we are capable of grabbing good opportunities.

Forest: I agree with Stephanie with that. Reiki is a type of energy healing I’ve found, easy to perform but hard to convince people to try. Why? Because you can only receive Reiki when you are surrender and willing to heal. You have to have the sense of change and transformation. Sounds like a lot of commitment, yes it is! When we want to reach Abundance, we need that willingness to guide us in a first place. Reiki helps you to fuel the energy, like a car needs oils, but first you need to go to an oil station. I trust that it will only give me positive result when I perform Reiki. If we are not accepting the fact that we can create Abundance, can you imagine that Abundance will come to you?

3. What kind of maintenance must one do to continue with the healing? What can one do to support this process?
Stephanie: After a Reiki healing, I recommend to drink more hot or warm water to eliminate the toxins. It is also better to eat a healthy meal so that the benefits may last longer. As mentioned before, energy blockages are created by negativity. If we learn to react positively, we can definitely enjoy a better life!
And remember to relax yourself. You can meditate but some people may find it difficult to switch off their mind. Having a walk on a beach, in a park, playing an instrument are also ways to let our brain relax and rest.

Forest: I notice some clients have hard time to be relaxed or being in a meditative state before a Reiki session. In daily life, people are generally too stressed about everything. I think the healing power is hidden when we are in a deep relaxation state. Also, when we are tense, we are hardly to feel the energy flow. So, do anything that makes you unstressed and unwind. For some people, they are more sensitive to sound and music, so lying down and listening to their favorite music is their antidote of life. Myself is a visual person, I am sensitive to images and colors, so for me, the best way to be relax is actually switching off my mobile and closing my eyes in a comfortable place. By not seeing anything, I’ll be able to be focused, calmer and activate my intuition. It is all about practicing self-care and finding your way to pamper yourself. Gif Maker 2022 06 11T223017.160

Personal questions:

1. What do you do personally to help manifest happiness and satisfaction?
Stephanie: Happiness and satisfaction depend on how we react to external events. I am a positive person and I like to understand why a person react in particular way. In the past, when I meet a mean person, I would immediately be offended and take it personally. After a while, I realised that most of the negative people are the way they are because they suffered and had been through a lot of difficulties. Instead of judging people, I learned to understand and heal them. Since then, my life changed. When you feel at peace within yourself and among others, you can only be happy and satisfied.

Forest: I love affirmation and I use it everyday! I believe in the power of consciousness, which can change the way we think, and the action we take. I like to say it in my heart silently like: “I am fearless and I am capable to handle any situation on my way”. I like writing it down my manifestation on a paper and read it out loud when I need guidance. Our mind is mysterious and our consciousness has so much to be explored. The situation might be changed and most of the time, I have no power to control it. The only thing I’m sure is my confidence and my positive attitude and not feeling fear of changes.

2. Do you believe in luck or fate?
Stephanie: In my opinion, fate is the most probable path but anyone can choose to take an alternative road if they are hard working and determined enough. When I do an Oracle card reading, I always repeat to my customers that I am not reading their future. I can only see the most probable scenario and give guidance. If they are satisfied with this scenario, they still have to make efforts to be successful. If they are not satisfied, they have the capability to work hard and to manifest another scenario.

Forest: I would say myself is a lucky person in general so I attract luck. Some people always complaining about their lives and background or even blame that luck didn’t help them. Naturally, they would be unhappy as they are losing control and being a victim of luck or fate.

Stephanie: Regarding luck, I trust that everyone is lucky. It just depends on how you see things: the glass is either half full or half empty.

3. What is your measure for success?
Stephanie: Being at peace and a better version of myself every day are an achievement. I cannot change the world, but every little step counts. Patience and determination are essential to success.

Forest: There’s no a standard answer. Everyone is born to be unique and carrying their own life lessons. The purpose is not to compare with your friends or archive the same goal. I think a successful life means a person complete her life with her full potential, no matter how small is the change she made to this world. On the other hand, an unsuccessful life could be like not knowing a true self and not activate her talent or potential throughout her life.

4. How does reiki healing affect you and why have you chosen to do this?
Stephanie: Reiki is my calling and I feel like swimming like a fish in the sea! Few years ago, I had an injury and started to explore alternative and spiritual healings. When I had my first reiki healing, I was able to feel the energy moving in my body. And I felt like a weight was taken off my shoulders. I was so impressed by this technique and decided to learn it. During this journey, I was honoured to receive many gifts like clairsentience (ability to feel the energy of a person/ place/ object) and to read past lives.
Since I learned reiki, I have changed my mindset. Everything happens for a reason. Everything has its own timing. In the past, I was trying to control it, now I am learning to accept it.
I am so grateful for all the people that helped me during this journey and I wish I can help people as much as reiki helped me.

Forest: Honestly, I forgot the first time I heard of Reiki but the first session I have received from a Reiki therapist was mind blowing. I was doubting about it in the beginning like many people. The therapist placed her hand above my throat and said she felt the spiky sensation and told me that my throat chakra was unbalanced. I was amazed by what she said and that was exactly what I have been feeling that I was unable to speak up what I think. I just thought, maybe I am shy but didn’t think that it could be my energy blockage was stucking in my throat. Now I am true believer of hands-on healing and I have been using Reiki as a self-care tool everyday to enhance my general well being.

For inquiries on reiki healing, please contact us at 2530 3315 or Remote healing also available for those who would like to book within the comfort of their own homes. Gif Maker 2022 06 11T223224.898



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