Energetic Kinesiology for Headaches and Migraines

Headaches affect so many of us and their causes are many and varied.
Those who suffer from migraines often experience accompanying headaches which can last for days.
Both can be debilitating and prevent us from performing daily simple activities and living full, active lives.

Migraine Symptoms:

○ nausea and vomiting
○ sensitivity to light
○ sensitivity to sound
○ affected vision, such as an aura
○ sensitivity to smell and touch
○ numbness of the face or extremities (hands and feet)

Migraine Triggers:

A combination of factors may trigger migraines, these include such as:
○ diet
○ sleep
○ menstrual cycle and hormonal changes.
○ environmental factors including excessive heat, light, noise or certain chemicals
○ emotional causes including stress, excitement or fatigue

Headache triggers:

Anything that stimulates the pain receptors in a person’s head or neck can cause a headache, including:
○ stress
○ muscular tension
○ TMJ (Jaw) problems
○ infections
○ diet
○ eye problems
○ hormonal influences
○ medications
○ injury to the head, neck or spine
○ high blood pressure
○ postural faults
○ abuse of alcohol or drugs
○ temperature extremes
○ dehydration
○ noise
○ arthritis
○ meningitis

Energetic Kinesiology is a being used with much success to address headaches and migraines stemming from stress, toxicity, muscle tightness, hormonal imbalance, head and neck injuries and energetic blockages.

As a holistic therapy, Energetic Kinesiology looks at all issues associated with headaches and migraines which include nutrition, the bodies physical state, one’s emotional state and energy flow around the body.
Energetic Kinesiology can provide practical solutions to help decrease the frequency and duration of headaches.
Kinesiology treatment for headaches and migraines is complementary and can be used in conjunction with Western Medicine, Acupuncture and Naturopathy treatments.

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