How can Chinese medicine treat headaches?

Dr. Grace Yu often encounters cases of headaches in clinical practice. Headaches are accompanied by various symptoms. Some people have tightness in the chest, mood swings, and tingling pains. The more severe ones even suffer from dizziness and nausea. Patients with headaches are often accompanied by poor sleep quality or abnormal blood pressure.

Gallbladder meridian headaches
Location: Side of the eyes, close to the temple (EX-HN5), this type of patients usually have the habit of staying up late, and they are always stressed.

Sun Meridian headaches
Location: Back of the head and cervical spine, some patients with colds and colds also have this type of headache.

Yangming Stomach Meridian headache
Location: Above the eyes and forehead. Some patients with rhinitis or stomach problems are often accompanied by this headache

Heart, liver and kidney meridian headache
Location: The area around the center part, inside the head.

Some people experience headaches only once, but others experience it again and again. According to the location of the headache, Chinese medicine also has different physical symptoms such as mouth pain, chest tightness, and mood swings etc.

To determine which organ or imbalance is the source of the headache, Dr. Grace analyses the patient’s physical type and then gives the appropriate prescription for Chinese medicine. Unlike western medicine, Chinese medicine is different from person to person and has no side effects. It is more about balancing the functions of the various organs in the body based on body type, while considering one’s emotional state and mindset.

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