Horizen – a Journey Inward with Balance Health

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“What a lovely way to spend a weekend learning and healing with like-mind people.”

Last Saturday Balance Health hosted Horizen- Journey Inward, a day of mindfulness with practitioners from around the world. The day was filled with inspiration and enlightenment lead by the hard-working Balance Health team, who coordinated a flawless experience. Members and guests from around the city and globe joined together to dive deeper into their self-awareness, but also gained insight into a much deeper level of community and collaboration.

Javier de Salas, who traveled all the way from Spain, opened the day with an hour-long journey into the self with Mystic Healing. This guided meditation set the foundation for releasing the ego, self-image, fear, and worry. Gliding down the mountain ranges of the Andes, we embodied the Condor and learned to experience our life from above, as a spectator. From this perspective the ability to let go and simply experience your life in the moment was achieved.After allowing the new vibration to settle into our bodies, nourishing snacks and tea was provided by Spicebox.

This was essential to shift gears, using our minds to calculate our personal numerology. Tyler Mongan, an entrepreneur, leadership consultant and numerology guru hails from Hawaii. His unique version of numerology is based on the energy of Kundalini yoga. First working to awaken our left and right brain functions, we practiced uniting them in this creative practice. After a few mathematical mishaps, it was clear how unique each individual chart was; he continued with a detailed explanation of each number, guiding an improved understanding of purpose, foundation, lesson, soul and gifts.

From intense mental stimulation, movement followed with Dr. Stanley Cheung. Dr. Cheung is a doctor of Chinese medicine and practitioner of acupuncture. His guidance through a Qigong Yoga fusion class truly connected the mind and body experience of the morning. Bringing the physical and mental energy to an apex, the room vibrated with cooperative energy. With the community vibe at its peak, this openness and understanding was harnessed by Richard Wickes, a practitioner at Balance Health. Taking this unique opportunity to share his vast knowledge of Emotional Grammar, the group embarked on a journey of understanding personal emotions, and reflecting on how the same experience brings up varied emotions in us all. To perpetuate the emotional education, it was sealed with partner work, aiming to express emotion without words.

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A much-needed lunch was provided by Mana!, a nourishing quinoa salad, with hummus, olives and peppers. After taking an hour to get to know fellow attendees, many deep bonds and new friendships were formed. Because we were full of energy and food, Emily from The Yoga Room gave us a 30-minute digestive practice with Yoga Therapy. Moving mindfully, each position was thought out carefully and helped aid the digestive process without being overwhelmingly active. A perfect transition to our final stop, a guided mediation to speak with our future self. Tyler Mongan gave the gift of the future, allowing us time with our future self, and to ask important life questions to someone that has already lived our path. This culminated in group work, sharing our experiences, but also challenging our own minds to remove any barrier to success in our future. This further sealed the bond with our new-found friends, as well as forging a confidence within our self.

As the day came to a close, Judy closed with a beautiful explanation of her purpose, and what she developed Balance Health to be. As she shared her desire to hold a space for practitioners and student’s alike – it was clear that she had successfully achieved her goal. As a visitor, resident, employee or boss, this event was truly an inspiration to be your best self, and to uplift your community. This experience should be prescribed to all those working towards collaboration and success.


“I loved the variety of healing approaches that I was able to experience all in one day. “Kay Ross

“What a lovely way to spend a weekend learning and healing with like-mind people. I would highly recommend this to all my friends. Such a great value and I felt so good afterwards. Can’t wait for the next one.” Lina Chan

“Really appreciated the closing Healing session conducted by Javier de Salas. Even though it was in addition to the program I am very glad I stayed for it. It was very beneficial to bring all the day’s experiences together. Grateful for his and Balance Health staff’s generosity with their time.” Chris Perera

“I started the day thinking that I was there for my inward journey and I did not need to interact with the others that were there. I ended up pairing with a lovely young woman. We talked during lunch and our exchange during the last session on meditating on your future was truly special. I later read a quote that seemed perfect for my day “a stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet”. The future meditation was a highlight of my experience.” Ilene Levy

“The future self meditation was very enlightening and provided me a great sense of perspective.” Jesamine Dyus

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