Disease typically begins in the body even before physical symptoms manifest - and when the symptoms appear, that is when we resort to start a regular therapy. In fact, so many beneficial things could be done in advance, if we had enough sensitivity to perceive early imbalanced constitutions of our body - system.

The nature of homeopathy is to look at the disease holistically and cure it using a multi-pronged approach. It assesses the stressors and issues you face as a result of your relationships and environment, as well as the physical manifestations of the illness that you are currently afflicted with. Then, through a combination of counseling, shifting mindsets and non-invasive medical treatment, the therapist provides a course of treatment that not just affects your physical well-being but also deals with the underlying emotional pain and negative mindsets and attitudes we have adopted to treat the disease as a whole. This allows for the mind and body to truly repair and restore itself back to its natural, healthy state of being.

"Solve a problem from its root cause with natural medicine."

Homeopathic remedies can be used for sensitive people including children and everybody who decides to overcome disease in harmony with nature. Homeopathy tackles a disease at its root cause and helps to uncover the whole picture of a disease outlining reasons and links leading to this condition. The consultation and prescribed remedy help to empower your body to utilize its own healing powers. Clients feel a sense of deeper understanding of their body and health condition and always take personal growth in regards to their health from our consultations.

What are Homeopathic Remedies?

In a specific manufacturing process substances from minerals and plants are carefully diluted and energized, so that the resulting medicine transports curing effects to the body. Homeopathy will improve your health and speed up your recovery processes naturally. Since over 200 years more than 2,000 homeopathic remedies have been drug tested in-depth and are a very efficient and safe tool. You can profit from homeopathy even when under mandatory, regular medication due to its natural ingredients with zero side effects and zero interference with other medicine. Our high quality homeopathic remedies from Germany will help your body to overcome a disease quickly and pain free.

Why Homeopathy?

• Homeopathy utilizes your body’s power to activate and support your immune system
• All-natural, fast and pain-free therapy with no side effects
• Our high-quality homeopathic remedies from Germany target the root cause of a disease
• Strengthens specific parts of physical body and personality initiating a personal development process leading to a balanced condition
• Supports learning from experiences of the body and mind to facilitate the growth of stronger resilience

Your Treatment

During your treatment our experienced practitioner will approach your problem in a holistic way, considering the physical body, the emotional constitution, lifestyle and mind. The treatment begins in a comfortable atmosphere with a consultation, where you have sufficient time to explain what you are suffering from and what kind of issues you want to address. After a detailed analysis of your situation, our practitioner prepares an individual homeopathic remedy for you and explains its effects. During your consultation you will receive advice on the next steps towards your recovery.

Even before the medicine is given, many clients feel strong relief during the interview. During this structured consultation you will benefit from a deeper understanding and overview of your current situation which crucially enhances your healing process. Tracing the healing progress our practitioner counsels and accompanies you until the desired wellbeing is accomplished and a stable result is ensured.

Homeopathy can be effectively used for

    Respiratory disorders: asthma, chronical bronchitis, respiratory infections
    Digestion and metabolism: irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn`s disease, colitis ulcerosa
    Psychological issues: anxiety, stress syndrome, burnout, depression, shocks, breakdowns, phobia, relationship problems, ADS, ADHS, learning disorders, difficulties in concentration
    Musculoskeletal diseases: myalgia, sports injuries, chronical pain
    Skin diseases: neurodermatitis, psoriasis, eczema
    Neurological problems: migraine, poliomyelitis
    Other conditions:preparing pregnancy and birth, allergies and hay fever, hormonal imbalance, sleeping disorders, infections

    Kid's Health
    Hormonal Balance
    Emotional Support


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