Holistic Wellness Gifts

Give a gift of health, wellness and self empowerment this holiday season!

Facial acupuncture + jade roller kit.

Facial acupuncture helps balance the blood and Qi flow; allowing smoother and fresher skin. It is a perfect anti- aging deal or if you are just looking for a boost.

It comes with a face massage roller that energises the skin feeling dewy and lifted after use.

Price: HK$1200 (Original price $1550)

Learn more about facial acupuncture
Learn more about our jade face roller

2-hour goal setting session to make your dreams come true.

Learn to design a compelling vision that is connected to your deeper purpose. Reflect and gain clarity with your life priorities using tools such as the Wheel of Life.

Discover how you can shift limiting beliefs into positivity and empowerment

Price: HK$2800 until 16 Jan (Original Price: $3600)

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Learn more about  Life Coach Judy Xu

Chinese medicine body type consultation + guasha tool

Your body type constitution impacts your overall health and how your body reacts to different illnesses. Find out what diet, fitness and lifestyle is best for you.

It comes with a gua sha tool that can help relieve facial tension, puffiness and a lot more.

Price: HK$700 (Original price $998)

Learn more about body type test & consultation
Learn more about our gua sha tool

Yuen Method Session + Palo Santo

The Yuen Method ensures that all levels of mind and body are harmonious. It removes energy blockages and relieves us from physical pain, emotional issues or old behavior patterns.

It strengthens your energy and the natural healing ability to kick in and bring about positive changes.

Price: HK$1600 (Original price $1850)

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Learn more about Palo Santo

Sound Healing + Tibetan Singing Bowl Gift

Destress and have a deep sense of tranquility through a sound healing session with Mona Choi. This relaxing treatment comes with a mini Tibetan singing bowl gift.

Perfect for that friend who needs some balance and resetting for the new year.

Price: HK$1500 (Original price $1650)

Learn more about sound healing
Learn more about the Tibetan singing bowl

A session of massage therapy

Do you know that your body stores stress and trauma? All those stresses and traumas can later on be manifested through body pains.

Our Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage and other maasage will relieve your  anxiety and day-to-day stress.

Price: HK$1080 (Original price $1200)

Learn more about deep tissue massage
Learn more about our massage therapies

Health & Nutrition Gift Options

Health is wealth. Express how you value your loved ones’ health through our nutritional coaching, detoxification and fasting services.

Nutrition coaching session/s with registered kinesiologist Catherine Van Den Broek Hermant

Enjoy the holidays without any nutrition guilt. The nutritional coaching services will allow you to know more about your nutritional state and learn how you can better improve your health,

You can have a 75 min initial consultation or pair it with a 50 min follow up coaching session with Catherine

Price: HK$1800 (First consultation) 

Price: HK$1500 (Follow up consultation)

Learn more about the nutritional coaching services

3-week detoxification program with registered kinesiologist Catherine Van Den Broek Hermant

Detox the healthy way. With the guidance of the expert, this science-based detox program will help you eliminate toxins safely and have a nutritional plan based on your body needs.

The program consists of nutritional detoxification consultation sessions and an optional kinseiology session.

Price: HK$6800 (3 consultations + kinesiology session)

Price: HK$5500 (3 consultations)

Learn more about the other inclusions in the detox program

3 acupuncture sessions

It is never too late to quit this bad habit. With our help and treatments, we aim to help you quit smoking, improve your overall health significantly, and let you enjoy a healthier, longer life with your loved ones.

The treatment consists of acupuncture sessions along with herbal prescriptions if necessary to decrease your cravings for nicotine without any side-effects. Herbals not included.


Price: HK$3300

Learn more about our quit smoking service

Individualized or Group Program

The programs will help you fast safely and effectively. Guidance and support will be given by expert Catherine Hermant. Fasting handouts will also be provided whether to individual or group participants.

Nutritional baseline evaluation, personalized advice and strategies, supplements recommendations will be provided in ithe individual program.

Price: HK$5800 (individualized program)

Price: HK$2800 (group program per person)

Learn more about fasting programs

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Holiday Gifts Under $500​

Wellness gifts need not to be expensive. Enjoy a peaceful vibe with our Balance Health Palo Santo and meditation bundles.

Gift Certificate

Let your loved one choose the wellness gift for the holidays! You can add different amounts for your gift recipient to enjoy.
We also offer 20 mins consultation if you or your friends need recommendations.
Feel free to contact our customer service team for further information and assistance at 25303315.
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Appointments & Classes

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Holistic treatments for anxiety and depression.
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