Holistic Mother's Day Gifts

Make your mom feel special, loved and appreciated. Give them the gift of wellness and have a relaxing and stress-free day this Mother’s Day.

Acupuncture plus  cupping or moxibustion or singing bowl or guasha

Acupuncture is an effective Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment that you can turn to for pain management, emotional imbalance, sleep management and various women’s health issues (including fertility concerns). Acupuncture also regulates and enhance the circulation of your Qi (vital energy); restoring balance in your body.

Price: HK$1100 (Original price $1300)

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Chinese medicine diagnosis plus acupuncture plus abdominal massage with TCM expert Grace Yu

The treatment package is suitable for those with  gynecological diseases, poor gastrointestinal system, feeling heavy and weak and even those who just need a healthy treatment. Abdominal massage helps release long-term blockages and pressures in the abdomen area. 


Price: HK$1900 from May 15-20  (Original Price: $2600)

Learn more about Grace Yu

Singing bowl, Chi Nei Tsang or Yoga Massage with wellness practitioner Mona

Destress and have a deep sense of tranquility through a sound healing session or massage session with Mona Choi. This relaxing and destressing treatment is pefect for moms who have been guiding us and supporting us all the time. It will give them the quiet time that they need to reset their body, mind and spirit.

Price: HK$1200 (Original price $1400)

Learn more about singing bowl.

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Let your loved one choose the wellness gift for the holidays! You can add different amounts for your gift recipient to enjoy.
We also offer 20 mins consultation if you or your friends need recommendations.
Feel free to contact our customer service team for further information and assistance at 25303315.
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