Heart, Health & Heal: 2022 Numerology

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Numerology is the practice of studying or finding meaning in numbers and using these to guide us and understand ourselves and the world around us better. We can use this as a guide to help us be more aligned with our energy and thus to be happier, healthier and more successful for the year to come.

So what does 2022 Numerology tell us on an universal level and on the personal level?

Main Themes of 2022 

The Annual Year Number for 2022 is 6. In Numerology, 6 pertains to four core areas of our life: Health, Heart, Home and Healing. It is what is close to us and what is the foundation of our existence.

Health– If the last year was about movement and fitness, 2022 is about ways to stay healthy. We should focus on what we eat, how we eat (for example eating slow and well cooked) and making sure we consume foods with high nutritional value. 

Heart – The heart is both a physical and emotional organ. On the physical side, 2022 might see a rise in people with heart issues. We are advised to watch out for signs of heart problems, avoid activities that cause stress and anxieties and eat foods that lower blood pressure. 

But 6 is also the energy of emotions. The emotional side of the heart refers to commitment. It would do us good if we watch out for opportunities and challenges associated with our commitment or us making a commitment. This can be work related or in our relationships. 2022 is he year when we listen more to what our heart is saying and that can lead to changes in our lives, a so-called “change of heart”. Watch out for more weddings and divorces in this year.

Home – As the saying goes “home is where the heart is”, so 2022 is the year to reflect on what home really means for us. It could be the year we spend more quality time with our loved ones, and it might be the year where a lot of families are relocating to find their true home. And once we have found it, it will be the time to do home building, decorating and remodeling to give ourselves a new comfort zone. 

Healing – 2022 is a good year to look into our body, mind and spiritual side to heal holistically.  Many of us will be looking for centering, grounding and heartfelt connections. Energy healings, spiritual healings, healing practices such as meditations or breathwork will become even more popular. Many will look inwards and find ways to live and study like a monk.

How to calculate and align your Personal Year Number?

While we can feel the universal influence of the number 6 for 2022, it is still helpful to also understand your personal year to align the two.

A quick way to calculate your Personal Year Number is to take the sum of the digits of 2022 + your birth month + birth date, and repeat taking the sum until you end up with a single digit.  

(Example: Born on 6 October = 2+0+2+2+1+0+6 = 6+1+6 = 13 = 4)

Below are some of the key themes to guide you depending on your Personal Year Number: 

Annual Year Number 6 + Personal Year Number 1 (6+1) – Heart and New Beginning

With a 1 as the Personal Year Number, 2022 is the beginning for a new 9-year cycle. 1 is like a seed that slowly sprouts over time. What is the new seed you are planting for the next 9 years? There’s a Chinese saying that “everything is more challenging at the very beginning”. Acknowledge the challenge but no need to hurry. Give yourself time and space to sprout slowly and gradually. But be bold and do not hold yourself back. It could also be a year to get married or find relationships as a new beginning on the relationship side. 

6+2 – Heart and Connection & Relationship 

Good to connect to others on a deeper and more spiritual level. Connection can also start from within. This could be a year to meditate and reflect on how you can connect from your inner self and how you can use opportunities to connect to others in a deeper way and build more meaningful relationships.

6 + 3 – Heart and Positive Mind

3 is the energy of a child and so the year shall be playful, creative and free flow without too much planning. Give people long hugs and laugh a lot. You have a bubbly energy so use it to spread good energy around you. When teaching, make it fun and playful and creative. Spend more time around children and find a tribe that opens your heart and feeds your emotions. It’s also a year not to make too many plans and allow the free flow of your life. Be ready that there could be lots of changes in your life, and your own emotions and mind might change easily too.

6+4 – Heart + Neutral Mind

6 gives you the emotional angle to feel. At the same time the 4 is being balanced, nonjudgmental and compassionate. Both of these come from the heart energy. Those with personal numbers of 4 can see the truth of the world but it is crucial not to judge. It is important to create a safe and neutral place where people can open their hearts truthfully and wholly. Regular meditation can help as it can create a balance between the heart and the mind. Meditation can also give you clarity to systematically plan and organize your schedules to have enough time to be able to reach out and help others. After the previous year of free-flow, now is the year to plan and put in structure for your life.

6+5 – Heart + Body

Keep your body strong, grounded, and healthy this year. Regular exercise and eating more vegetables and fruits helps. It’s also the time to focus on your family that gives you the grounding. But the number 5 is also the networker. So, it can be a good time to focus on networking and meeting people that you can then bring into your family.

6+6 – Heart and Heart 

You would have extra emotion as your Personal Year Number amplifies the Annual Year Number. Expect more positivity and be ready for strong emotions. Health and Healing can also show up in extreme ways. Find ways to be grounded, release and balance your emotions for example through dancing or spending time in nature.

6+7 – Heart and Heart Energy (Aura)

It is a great combination as you can know what is in your heart and you have the ability to share it. This would also be a good year to find your heart and express it through writing or speaking or singing. You can influence other people. If you have passion for writing, consider writing an inspirational book and publish it next year.

6+8 – Heart + Body Energy

There could be a lot of emotions, passions and energy in this year. 8 is the masculine energy that takes control and makes things happen. It’s a great time to take action on ideas from your heart and realize your dreams. 8 is also considered as the energy related to your father. So, take time to visit and spend quality moments with your dad or a male mentor.

6+9 – Heart + Mind Energy

These two energies are the opposites of each other. Expand your mind into the world. Connect with your heart first and use it as a driving force to see what you are there and how you can work with others to get there. 9 is the number of the master so it’s time to master what you are passionate about. 9 is also the end of a 9-year cycle. To close a cycle nicely it would be good for you to reflect on different aspects of your life and decide what you want to master, what you want to finish and what you need to let go. Letting go is very important to prepare yourself for the next cycle. It could be about letting go of a home or people so you could have more space or room for the 1 energy next year.


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