The Heart Centre Induction & Healing

Our heart centre is our heart chakra and the centre of all centres. Our heart rests in the middle of our body and unites top and bottom, left and right; healing being activated and expanded from our heart centre to all energy centres. The heart centre carries not only nurturing, loving and caring energy but also the Greatest Love to humanity and life. We look at our life and all the content – how we can connect with our inner and follow the flow of our Soul?

The transcendent nature of the heart centre overcomes all things and all situations. Heart Centre Healing Energy brings in balance, peace and healing to multiple levels- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and much more. Connect to our heart centre on a regular basis, heightening of consciousness becomes possible and we open to our inner to see the flow of our Soul. We choose how to live our life and we can only become ourselves but not anyone else. The heart centre also helps to illuminate our Sacred Space, find our own truth and the truth will always set us free. The Divine Wonderment of heart centre deepen our life experience, support us to explore who we are and develop our unique spiritual depth, weight and width.

“Heart Centre Healing Energy brings in balance, peace and healing to multiple levels- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and much more”

What to expect in a session

We gather, quiet ourselves and focus on our heart centre. A simple ritual will be performed to connect with the Four Attributes- Compassion, Innate Harmony, Healing Presence and Unconditional Love. Then you may lie down and let go of your thoughts. Katherine will put her hands on your Heart Centre, and the four attributes will be inducted. The Healing Energy from the Divine Heart Centre starts to operate- allow the healing energy from the Infinite Source of Divine to come forward and work on you. The life giving and life enhancing energy leads you into Unconditional Love, the Love bigger than all things; the Love carries us into universal consciousness. We may feel warmth, expanded, opened, enlarged, enriched and engaged with the Greatest Love. All our energy centres feel that Love and light, being strengthened and being united with the Heart Centre. Experience the numinosity of the Heart Centre, we continue to open and allow this Love to heighten, balance and heal us.

We feel the expansions of all centres with a grateful heart, we trust that we are being connected and embraced by the Universe no matter where we are and who we are. We feel more whole and peaceful with inspirations. We continue our journey with understanding and Love. More insights may come to you in a loving and natural way. The session will be ended with a short discussion and a simple ritual to release the Four Attributes. Katherine offers her genuine love in your journey.


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