Healthy Digestion with Ayurveda

What is Ayurveda

Ayurveda has always known what Western medicine is beginning to discover- a large amount of diseases originate in the digestive system. Ayurveda medicine estimates that 80% of diseases are mainly caused due to indigestion. So if we want to get to the root of feeling healthy in our bodies, a healthy digestion is the way to go.

Ayurveda looks at health holistically and believes that indigestion influences our digestion; waking up time, sleep, exercise, diet, water, stress, times of eating.

What will you learn?

Follow along with Dr. Shailej as he walks you through what and when to eat and drink, and how to enjoy restful sleep.
Delve deeper and understand indigestion can lead to troubling diseases such as:
- Irritable Bowl Syndrome
- Heartburn
- Digestion for cholesterol levels
- Diabetes
- Crohn's disease.

Proper management of indigestion and all above mentioned diseases will be explained without using any medicine.

Who is Dr. Shailej Gupta?

Dr. Shailej Gupta is and Ayurveda doctor and completed his graduation from Indian institute of Ayurveda and post graduation in Panchakarma (detox therapies) from DGMAMC in 2009. He learned various Kerala traditional Ayurveda treatments from various Ayurveda practitioners practising in Kerala. He has practiced for 9 years and is an expert in Naadi pareeksha (pulse diagnosis) and Prakriti vinischya (identifying ones body type), having helped many patients with chronic diseases. ‎


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