The Gut Connection to Joints

Pelvic pain, Shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain and knee pain

Learn what the connection is from guts to joints. Learn what you can do to support gut and joint health. See a practical demonstration of how releasing physical restrictions in the gut can cause amazing responses in the whole body.

We always hear about the importance of the gut and how it is seemingly under a constant attack from food toxins, parasites and even energy and emotions. This is true! What we hear less about is the approach which can use a gentle form of manual therapy to revitalise the gut and how almost miraculous life changing restructuring can take place.

Understanding the fascia
Understanding the approach
Listening and Following as a Method
Indications - What it can help with
Contraindications - What it cannot help!

Talk by Richard Wickes: Fascia Therapist, Naturopath, CMT

Head onto to learn more about his work: FasciaClinic

Event Details

The Gut Connection to Joints

July 4th
1:00pm - 2:00pm

Price: HKD 50

Location: Balance Health

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