Gut-Brain Tuning and Purification Chinese Medicine Therapy

Having sleep problems and anxiety? Needs to relax and activate the brain? The gut-brain Chinese medicine therapy by Dr. Grace Yu allowing our body and mind to relax completely.

About Gut-Brain Tuning and Purification Therapy

Our brain brings us creativity and endless possibilities. From the advancements in technology that we see in everyday life, it is clear that our brains are constantly evolving. However, with an abundance of thoughts and ideas, our brains can become overloaded like a never-ending carousel, making it difficult to rest and even affecting our sleep quality. This can lead to insomnia, headaches, and tension throughout the body, which can eventually result in the onset of illness.

Have you heard of the "gut-brain axis"? This includes the central nervous system, central immune system, and central endocrine system. It is clear that the relationship between the digestive system and the brain is inseparable and affects the overall balance and health of the body. Based on years of experience, Dr. Grace combines traditional Chinese acupuncture, abdominal breathing massage, and craniosacral therapy to help individuals relieve their thoughts and emotions and improve their body's self-healing ability.

During the Gut-Brain Tuning and Purification Therapy, we provide enough space for our "brain" (our brain and digestive system) to relax and activate. The abdominal area or the uterus area in women stores a lot of emotions and stagnant energy, which are closely related to our active thoughts. Often, during the abdominal release process, the neck and head gradually relax, activating deep sleep waves and allowing our body and mind to rest completely.





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Benefits From the Therapy

Benefits of this therapy:

  • improving sleep quality
  • relieving tension and pain throughout the body
  • enhancing digestion and immune function
  • reducing anxiety and soothing emotions
  • experiencing and improving overall health
  • improving menstrual irregularities, others. 

This therapy is suitable for most people, but if you have been taking psychiatric medication for a long time, please seek further consultation.


  • 改善睡眠品質
  • 舒緩全身緊繃和疼痛
  • 提升消化機能和免疫系統
  • 改善焦慮、舒緩情緒
  • 體驗及提升健康
  • 改善月經失調等


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What to Expect

The deep therapy session takes 90-120 minutes.

  • 120-minute consultation for the first visit. 
  • Subsequent sessions are based on individual needs and require a minimum of 90 minutes
  • The therapy includes acupuncture to open up energy points, special deep abdominal pressure to release long-standing blockages, cranial touch to harmonize energy throughout the body, warm herbal balls to provide the body with the necessary warmth, and a customized herbal tea chosen by Dr. Grace. This tea helps to recall and remember the sensations experienced during the therapy and bring them back into daily life.
    • First time trial price HKD2200
    • Regular price for a a single session HKD2500
    • Dsicount price for three session HKD6000


    It is recommended to have three sessions per week/month, but this can be adjusted based on individual circumstances and carried over to the next visit. Dr. Grace will travel to Hong Kong each month to perform the Gut-Brain Tuning and Purification Therapy. Please contact Balance Health to confirm her schedule.


    For a complete experience of the therapy's benefits, please allocate a full two hours for your visit. 

    Depending on individual needs, traditional Chinese medicine or herbal essential oils can be incorporated at an additional cost.

    • 深度療程一共90-120分鐘
    • 首次包含諮詢120分鐘


    • 療程內容:









    • Dr.Grace會每個月來到香港為個案執行腸腦調頻淨化療程,請洽Balance Health其到到港日期。
    • 未來更完整體驗療程帶來的效益,請來到的個案排出完整的兩小時給到我們呦!
    • 因應個案需求,可搭配中藥或漢方精油調理,費用另外收取。
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Grace Yu
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Grace Yu is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner who uses a holistic approach when helping her clients's mind-body issues
She studied craniosacral resonance therapy in Taiwan in 2013. From then on, she had a broader vision on healing and started having a deeper understanding of the world outside and inside of the human body.
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