Grace , Yu Hsin Tzu

Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner (006252)
Master of Acupunture, Baptist University of Hong Kong
Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Dr. Grace Yu
Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner in Hong Kong (006252)
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist
Womblifting Herbal Massage Practitioner
Colorpuncture Practitioner
Remote “Activate”Healing Practitioner
Mandarin, Cantonese, English
Originally from Taiwan, Grace (游心慈) is a Hong Kong registered Chinese medicine practitioner specialising in holistic therapies, who started her internship in 2007 at the Beijing Kuanjie Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
l and returned to Taiwan in 2013, where she took part in the study of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy(BCST), realising that the body's healing system and resources come from within. After participating in various women's workshops, she travelled to India in 2017 and turned to inner exploration.
With years of clinical experience in Hong Kong, she combines traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture, Chinese medicine, moxibustion, cupping, etc.) with BCST and other therapy . Through the consultation process, she understand the uniqueness of each individual, design a more suitable treatment and rehabilitation plan for each patient, and provide a safe treatment space and carry the quality of meditation.After becoming a mother in 2018, she has a deeper understanding of female pregnancy and birthing process and hopes to support more people in need through her own growth. “Let our consciousness expand until it is reunited with the source. Let us experience a joyful and healthy life.”

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Grace's Key Clinical Interest

  • Fertility
  • Menopause
  • Stress Management , Hormonal Imbalance
  • Pain Management
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Pre-natal Care
  • Post-partum Care
  • Children with Arbnormal Brain Development, ADHD and and Autistic Children

Grace's Key Research Interest

  • Sleep Disorders, Fertility, Chronic Diseases, Uterine Management, Hyperactivity in children, Balance and Stability of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, immunity improvement


Therapies, Classes & Programmes By the Practitioner

Dr. Grace Yu

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Balance Health’s registered Chinese medicine doctors combine the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine with a holistic view of your physical and emotional needs. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the fundamental objective is to restore and maintain the natural balance in your body.

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Acupuncture has been used as a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for many years. It is especially effective for the relief of acute or chronic pain and prevention or treatment of various diseases.

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Craniosacral Therapy

"Release tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction"
What is Craniosacral Therapy? Every day your body endures stresses and strains that it must work to compensate for. Unfortunately, these changes often cause body tissues to tighten and distort the craniosacral system.

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Womb Lifting Massage

Womb lifiting massage is for all women. This treatment helps provide pre-pregnancy and post-natal care for women. For post-natal care purpose, the Chinese medicine practitioner will use hot compresses and herbs to help the uterus expel lochia. At the same time, the herbs and hot compresses will help the uterus to shrink back to its original size.
Uterine massage is a health care method that modern women pay more attention to nowadays. It could be because people often repress their unresolved emotions. When this happens it affects the abdominal cavity and loses their healthy balance for a long time. Through the deep connection with the uterus, the uterine herbal massage can also help people re-accept and re-affirm their value and true self, develop female energy and then open up the body and mind.
Applicable to:
Women who experience premenstrual syndrome
Those with fertility challenges
Women experiencing abnormal menopausal symptoms Women with uterine sinking feeling
Those who frequently urinate at night
Women with menopausal syndrome
Women with menstrual headache and back pain

Recommended for: People with fibroids, chocolate cysts, benign tumors, and those who have no symptoms of growth or pain after a professional doctor's diagnosis can be used.
May need further consultation with Chinese medicine practitioner: People with cancer are not suitable to receive this treatment directly. They are encouraged to consult which body working method may suit and help their conditions.
Those who had uterine surgery are recommended to take a rest period of one year before they undergo this treatment or perform physical work in another way.
Spontaneous abortion patients are need to be seen by the practitioner as their suitability for this treatment will be on a case-to-case basis.
Surgical abortion patients can only accept the course of treatment after a longer interval.

“Activate” the Mystic Healing Power

Energy healing aims to alleviate the discomfort in one’s mind and body caused by the deviation of the magnetic field within one’s energy system. Energy healers can activate one’s client’s energy and healing power both locally or at a distance through remote healing. Our healer connects with the client by expanding their own energy and consciousness and the client’s system will be restored after reconnecting with their inherent healing power. Each person feels differently after the session. One will start to become aware of own exquisite emotions and gradually develop keener senses. Afterwhich, clarity is found and one’s health is further strengthened.


Cupping therapy is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice that involves suctioning or vacuuming sections of the body. The cups are heated by swabbing rubbing alcohol on the bottom and then lighting the cup. It can also be done by placing an inverted cup over a flame to aid in suctioning.

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What is moxibustion? Moxibustion is a form of ancient heat therapy in which a moxa stick made of an herb named Chinese-Mugwort/Ai-ye is burnt and held over the surface of skin, corresponding to selected acupuncture points. The purpose is to invigorate the flow of Qi and warm up the inner environment of the body as well as dispelling certain pathogens.

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Head Acupuncture

Some acupuncture sessions use pressure points on the head as there are helpful acupressure points on the head. Some of these pressure points are effective especially for those who are experiencing headaches or those who want to relive migraines, anxiety, fatigue, allergy and many other conditions.

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Facial Acupuncture

Facial acupuncture has various health benefits for us just like the other acupuncture Hong Kong treatments that Balance Health and wellness center offers. It can reduce wrinkles, lift sagging skin, eliminate fine lines and improve skin colour and texture. Many have found it to be effective even after one treatment.It is no doubt that more and more celebrities from around the world such as Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are switching from botox to facial acupuncture.

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Auricular Ear Seed Therapy

Also known as auricular acupuncture and auriculotherapy, ear acupuncture was first used in the early 1970s in France for treating sciatica and other pains.
It is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine concept that ear acupuncture points stimulation will send a signal to the brain. The brain will then send signals to the specific body parts or areas that they are being treated. Clinical studies compare it to reflexology; only it is done on the ear.

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he difference between acupuncture and colorpuncture is that acupuncture requires needles to activate the living energy (Qi) in one’s body while colorpuncture does not. Colorpuncture introduces new signals into the body using various frequencies of lights and is a non-invasive treatment. The beamer light pen introduces color energy into the body, entering the chakra energy center, acupoints

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Customer Testimonials

We support you in your journey to HEAL, GROW and FIND BLISS

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“I would like to commend the outstanding service that Dr. Grace has rendered throughout my fertility journey. She has provided the right environment to help it make it happen for my husband and I. She makes you feel at ease and she do not hesitate to go an extra mile in attending to your queries any time. Finally I am happy to share that we are blessed to have a baby boy soon coming Feb 2019.”

-I. Daniel

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“We came to see Grace when we were trying to conceive and were having a hard time. She helped us be happy & relaxed and after 6 months we have been successful! Totally recommend Balance Health & Dr Grace!”


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” Grace is one of the best TCM practitioners that I know! She literally transformed my energy levels from very low and feeling almost ill to feeling really great again! After receiving acupuncture for about 30 minutes I left the clinic and started feeling so much better within 1 hour after the treatment. Grace really helped me to prevent falling ill. She is such a great listener, has great English and a very good level of humor. I can highly recommend Grace. She has all of her patients close to her heart!”

-Vitali G.

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“Grace is really nice and she has a good planning on what to do regarding my illness. She gives comment on what to do in daily life, not just giving you the medicine.”

-Ms. Man

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“I’m a 36 year old woman and I’m pregnant. Our first born, miracle baby girl is due to come into this world in August 2020. Yes, it is a miracle baby but she is actually already an important teacher in my life, as she has taught me one of the most valuable life lessons – to trust and love myself, family and the universe and ultimately treasure every step of the journey. I began receiving TCM treatments from Dr Grace Yu at Balance Health to recover and strengthen kidney, spleen, liver and Qi, through acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion and Chinese herbs. At first, I feared needles, but Dr Grace’s acupuncture treatments had been a calm and relaxing session with thin needles. At the beginning of each session, as soon as I sat down, Dr Grace could read into how I was feeling, whether my digestive system had been active or not and how my liver and kidney were doing. I always looked forward to being able to find out what was happening to my body that was causing an imbalance. I learned to be patient and send love to myself. After a year, in October 2019, Dr Grace shared with me that all functions had improved compared to before and that my body and mindset feels ready to welcome new life into this world.”

-Ayu*** Gor**

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“I had conversations with Grace over my healing sessions. During those times I began to understand why things happened that way in my life. What surprised me the most was that within such a short period of time, this remote healing was so effective that I could strongly feel the clarity and joy. In my first session, I got special feelings in multiple areas of my body, wavy energy movements, distending feelings in my abdomen, tingling and energy moving on my hands. After the session, over our conversations, I learnt about the inertial pattern of incidence happening in my life and how they presented in my dreams. I think the wounded part of my heart slowly revealed. In my second session, my feeling was even stronger, I had keener feelings towards the whole energy movement. I could feel energy pumping out from my heart chakra, along with my tears, my breath, leaving me a peace of mind. After the session, I developed a greater tolerance with things that happened to me. In my third session, apart from all the sensational feelings, I was brought into conscious sleep multiple times. After the healing, me and my partner’s relationship improved by allowing more space and better relaxation.”

-Charis C*** (Distance healing)

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“As I grow older, my body gets tired easily. I often feel swollen in my left lower abdominal area and the sore even gets to my back. My legs are weak and I am a light sleeper with poor sleep. I received my healing in the evening. I fell into a deep sleep right after the session without waking up in the middle of the night. When I woke up the next morning, I felt great. I felt strength in my legs and my back pain is greatly reduced. Realizing a lot of problems are related to my eating habits, I really want to understand the factors behind them. Therefore I would like Grace to follow up with my case.”

-Y** Tang S*** (Distance healing)

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“Before my healing session, my healer asked me if I got any issues that needed to be tackled with. I said no and what I want is to experience the whole process. In the beginning, I felt heat flowing at my back and my head was stretched, then my consciousness quickly entered a deeper place to rest, there was heat in the soles of my feet and I lost my perception of time. I started to fall asleep and out of a sudden, there was a sense of vibration in my chest, and the healing ended right after the sense of vibration was over.”

-Is*** Hunag

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“Both my sleep and digestion have not been very well lately. Therefore I decided to have a healing session in order to have a deeper understanding of myself. In the beginning I noticed there was a whirling energy flowing in my palm, it was slowly moving into my arms, and also my third chakra. I experienced instant tingling and an energy movement rising from my third chakra to my throat. I felt my body expanded, full of warmness and energy. After waking up, my eyes were especially bright and my brain was relaxed. I felt my body was very light and revitalized.”


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“I grew up under the authority of the father and was treated violently in my childhood. This makes me very sensitive to noise and gets irritated easily. A friend of mine suggested that I should go for a session of remote healing. At first I was very doubtful about this, but I really need to do something about the problems that were pressing on me, so I decided to take the advice. During the session, I felt that I was surrounded by a large energy field just like staying inside a balloon. By that time, I could still hear the noises from the outside, but it was so different because they sounded very far away. and it didn’t bother me so much, nor do I feel irritable. And I felt energy flowing inside my body, it was circulating in my abdominal area,relaxing my head and my whole body, making me feel expanded and elongated. Then I fell into a deep sleep. I heard the noises from the outside, but along with those, there was a sense of security in my heart. My heart chakra was full of peace and it was glowing. This is such a precious gift to me. “

-Jessic*** (Distance healing)

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“I was extremely stressed during my pregnancy. It was mainly caused by the pressure from work. The fact that I was going to be a mother made me nervous. I suffer from severe anxiety while picturing the unknown future. I was looking for something that can help me destress and intensify the connection with my baby. I met Grace through a friend. During the session I could feel a lot of energy movements go on my upper abdominal area. I couldn’t call it a very pleasant feeling but at some point I felt relieved. My chest and abdomen were loosen up and relaxed, while my breath shifted from deep breathing to a slightly faster and shallower one. My heart was beating fast, I could feel energy rising up to my throat and going down to my lower body. When Grace finished working on me, I woke up feeling joy and refreshed. I could feel my baby moving in my womb. At that moment I realized it was my inner conscious, brain and mind trying to tell me to take it easy. Things will be fine.”

-A*** ***ta (Distance healing)

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“At the beginning of the remote healing session I felt tingling and movements of energy all over my body. Energy began to swirl down into my third, fourth and sixth chakras. I felt weightlessness and expansion. I then fell into sleep, entering a deep meditative state where I saw flashbacks of my life. Awarded of my problem was lacking affirmation. I took a deep breath and tried to relax myself. A couple days later, I had a conversation with my partner and found it much easier in expressing myself. I started to have deeper thoughts while facing problems and my anxiety was greatly reduced. I am so grateful.”

-Alice **o

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“n the past few years, I have been through some major changes in my life. I had a small stroke three years ago, right after that, I was diagnosed with multiple breast lumps and problems with my uterus. I was stressed out over these years and have been searching for a solution to help myself. By an astonishing stroke of luck, I joined Dr. Grace’s breast health care course and was amazed by the treating and healing method. I scheduled consultations and healing sessions with her, hopping to improvement.
During the process, I was treated with a combination of herbal drinks, craniosacral therapy and uterus herbal massage.Depending on my situation, Grace suggested treatments and healing methods that worked for me the best at that moment. After each session, I felt relief and clarity. In several particular sessions, I have a keener sense towards my energy movement and physical changes. After every treatment, I practiced regimens suggested by Grace. I am more aware of my own thoughts in daily life and each time my reflection brought forth improvements and new discoveries.
After my minor stroke, both my verbal expression and brain speed became very sloppy, and I couldn’t speak smoothly. After my first session, I noticed that I had clearer expressions and my speaking skills improved. This is why I decided to continue with the treatment on a regular basis. Thank you for treating me and making all this happen, you made me confident and give me hope. I know that I will be getting better and better.”


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“I’m Vita and I live in Tao-yuan District. I participated in Grace’s uterine and breast health care courses and formed a good relationship with her, not only as a great mentor but also a friend. Since I am working as a maternity matron, the stress from work leads to tension and imbalance of my body. I decided to have a consultation with Grace and start my craniosacral treatments along with a herbal diet. After each session, I was full of energy and experienced complete mind-body relaxation. When Grace placed her warm hands on my neck during my treatments, I felt not only relaxed but also a better understanding of myself.
During the sessions, I noticed there was a wavy, warm energy flow generating in my body, especially on my waist and areas below my knees. I gradually calm myself and enter a deep resting mode, like a baby resting in its mother’s womb. There was one session, we brought up my issue of guilt. I learned that the memory between me and my mom 30 years ago has been buried deep in my heart. Through talking with Grace, I got to know more about myself. Finally I was relieved and let go of the guilt that was weighing on me. The tension between me and my mother has improved. Now I can maintain the peace of mind, and willing to learn more about myself. I am doing good in my work and I am so grateful with this healing journey.”


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My ankle pain through Dr. Grace’s whole body acupuncture adjustment and localized point selection, really relieved my tightness, gradually healed and adjusted, that let me felt happy.
Thank you so much

-May Leung

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I did acupuncture, cupping and craniosacral therapy with Dr Grace Yu, with 5 days of herbal medicine for after the appointment. Even though I see a TCM doctor regularly, Dr Grace was able to give me greater insight into my body without even asking too many questions, and her skill with placing needles was great (minimal pain!) 100% recommend seeing here the next time she is in town and overall would recommend Oriental Health as a TCM clinic that has a lot more insight and modalities than your average Chinese doctor practice.

-Christina Ko

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Dr. Grace has helped me to regulate my menstrual problems through Chinese medicine consultation, acupuncture points and special techniques.Each session is not only a treatment but also a relief and relaxation for me, I love it and it also solves my problems💗👍

-Carman Cheung

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10/10 would recommend! Everyone in the team is super well prepared and helpful. I’ve always had a great experience with them

-Nieves Rom

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