Gosia Stockley

neuroenergetic kinesiology practitioner
+852 2530 3315

Qualified Neuroenergetic Kinesiology practitioner, the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists.

"Most of the everyday physical and emotional problems that people experience can be traced back to stress that is locked deep within the body, aura, and mind."

Stressful circumstances and traumatic events can lead to the unwanted build-up and storage of stress within muscles, cells, aura, the DNA, the heart and organs, which may ultimately manifest in adverse physical, emotional and mental reactions.

Gosia is a firm believer in the benefits of the neuroenergetic kinesiology treatment, which is recognised in both the US and Australia as a comprehensive, non-invasive system of healthcare.
Using calming and muscle monitoring techniques to unlock and access the body’s information on stress and symptoms, neuroenergetic kinesiology helps to identify and release the stresses and blockages that can cause disease, physical dysfunction and emotional trauma.

The treatment considers the person’s health as a whole in terms of not just the physical body but also the mind, spirit and emotions. These important aspects of a person’s overall well-being are often overlooked or neglected in more traditional forms of medicine.

"Kinesiology is about helping an individual to access the information contained within the body"

and using these information to correct any imbalances, enabling the body and the mind to re-integrate and heal itself from within.

Gosia is a strong exponent of holistic and alternative medicines and is also trained in Yuen and Reiki techniques, which she uses to supplement her approach to the treatment of patients. In her experience, neuroenergetic kinesiology generates real, tangible results in the treatment of many ailments and conditions including migraines, muscle aches and pains, addictions, anxiety, work stress, phobias, learning difficulties and many more.

Gosia is the proud mother of two and has an MBA in Industrial Policy and Corporate Strategy from the Maastricht School of Management, Before moving to Asia with her family, Gosia was a Customer Relations Manager for the Polish arm of an international medical company. In 2011, following a 4-year stay in Macau, she moved with her family to Hong Kong where she was able to pursue her passion for holistic medicine and alternative healing techniques.

Gosia takes a holistic approach to healing, considering the whole person, and is known for her intuitive awareness of clients’ needs. This, combined with her compassionate nature, makes her a powerful, effective and empathic healer.

Therapies by Gosia


Christina Yu

"My sleep quality has improved and I no longer have migraines."

"I've been seeing Gosia for a few months for Energetic Kinesiology and she's truly amazing. When I started seeing Gosia, I was dealing with years of depression, lack of energy on a daily basis, chronic migraines, digestive problems. During our sessions we worked on aligning my chakras and my aura. I've come away from our sessions always feeling better - my sleep quality has improved and I no longer have migraines. Stress has also been easier to handle on a daily basis and I've found myself with more energy to help me get through the day. She's gentle, reassuring and patient. She puts her patients at ease and I would recommend anyone that has a hard time handling stress from all wakes of life, whether it's a deeper source of stress or something as simple as work stress. Healing through Energetic Kinesiology with Gosia, there is a new sense of peace and resiliency that is hard to miss."

"I am grateful, feeling more energised, lighter and peaceful."

"The Kinesiology sessions with Gosia brought to me tangible relief after a misscariage, on the physical and emotional levels. It also helped me in freing some "beliefs" that I was ready to get rid of. I am convinced that Kinesiology sessions with Gosia helped integrate and tie in together my other self-development and care practices. I am grateful, feeling more energised, lighter and peaceful. It's a journey."
Barbara Friend

"I have been delighted with the results."

"Not knowing much about Kineseology, I decided to attend a talk given by Gosia Stockley. I was impressed by potential of this alternative healing treatment and decided to book a couple of sessions and see if this approach to rebalancing energy and clearing blockages would make a difference to a couple of long standing personal challenges of both a physical and behavioural nature. I have been delighted with the results. The process is non-threatening and relaxing and almost immediately positive changes become apparent daily, which can be reinforced with further sessions. Gosia's approach shows deep knowledge of kineseology and is direct and empathetic. The hands on treatment is non-invasive and comforting. The key to success is to be honest with oneself and Gosia. I will certainly continue to include Kineseology as part of my personal health programme and would strongly recommend Gosia. Try one session and see for yourself!"
Justyna Hackmann

"Gosia’s knowledge about her subject matter is excellent."

"I have used Gosia for both Reiki and Kinesiology and have found these sessions extremely beneficial, both in terms of general well being and in addressing some long term health issues that I have had. Gosia’s knowledge about her subject matter is excellent, as is the advice that she has given to me. I would thoroughly recommend using Gosia for both Reiki and Kinesiology treatments."
Ela Mokrzyn

"Although a bit sceptical at first, I was amazed..."

"Thank you for introducing me to kinesiology. I very much enjoyed the sessions with you and I have learned a lot. Although a bit sceptical at first, I was amazed how receptive my body was and how I really did feel the energy flow! "
Aga Clouet

"I feel Gosia genuinely cares about me as a person."

"I have enjoyed my time with Gosia. I am impressed how she wants to fix not just my symptoms but my core underlying issues that are causing my problems. I am excited about the changes that are to come."
Magda Bobowicz

"Straight after the first session I've noticed that my stress levels have dropped."

"I have never tried kinesiology before I met Gosia and didn't have much knowledge about it. I have recently moved to Hong Kong and the whole experience overwhelmed me. I felt stressed and increasingly unhappy here, to the point that I was considering leaving after only a few months. Straight after the first session I've noticed that my stress levels have dropped and after few more visits I actually started enjoying the city. I also had a stressful time starting a new job and Gosia helped me identify where my stress was coming from. We talked through ways of dealing with the issues and i feel that the kinesjology released the stress sagnificantly, which allowed me to deal with difficult conversations more assertively, with a clearer mind. This also transferred into my private life and helped me communicate with my partner in a more open way. I am now a keen kinesjology advocate and I would definitely recommend Gosia's sessions. She deals with customers in a professional and non- judgemental manner, creating a safe, friendly atmosphere."
Monica Carruthers

"I cannot recommend Gosia enough."

"After having kids my anxiety over flying went thro the roff. I would have weeks of sleepless nights in a leading up to flight and there was nothing that helped me calm my nerves. That was until I went to see Gosia and only after one session I could see amazing improvement. I took 6 flights since I had my sessions with Gosia and I had hardly any anxiety over them and I sleep like a baby in the leading up to them. I wish I would seek Gosia's help sooner."
Alain Rhone

"I am highly recommending her."

"I had a couple of kinesiology sessions with Gosia who is demonstrating a great deal of understanding and empathy towards people. This makes her patients feel comfortable during the kinesiology session that Gosia handles in a very effective and professional manner."