Goal- Setting with Judy Xu

When I saw Judy for coaching, I immediately felt connected to her. Not only did she have a friendly demeanour, but also a calm and collected voice that allowed me to be comfortable and share my life goals as part of our goal-setting session. I don’t normally have issues with career, drive and ambition but I was at an interesting period of my life and business that I needed to reevaluate where I was headed and needed more focus and direction which Judy was very helpful with. I realised that most of the answers to my questions, I already knew and she helped me realise the blockages and limiting patterns I have been placing on myself.

First, we identified my current goals and where I see myself 5 to 10 years from now and imagine how that would feel like and how that would benefit me. I always knew event at an early age that I wanted success and it was imperative for me to achieve that. I grew up with a family that was business-driven and had a lot of inspiration from my late grandfather who was successful at his field too. Given the challenges of the current economic climate, I felt I was underachieving so I had to rethink my business offering. Due to COVID-19, there are limitations to marketing activities so like most agencies I needed to shift to digital platforms and had to educate myself further. Judy helped me to connect further with my vision and reminded me of my passions and what legacy I would like to leave behind. I felt a deeper sense of inspiration to move forward and develop a successful business with my strength and my commitment.

What Judy is great at is not just providing solutions on my next steps but offering me a new perspective on roadblocks and challenges where there the only thing that is constant is learning and growth. Funnily enough is that once we set some objectives and write them down on paper, somehow I did start manifesting them and surprised myself with great results. Just goes to show that nothing is impossible and self- belief and determination is key.

Apart from goal- setting, we also went over some mindfulness practices and some practical hacks to optimize my energy that also help me create a good work-life balance and perform at my peak. Starting my day right with meditation and exercise plus winding down with journaling and music were important for me to gain enough energy and mental space everyday. I needed to be reminded that small habits make a big difference and these little changes transform our lives later.

From time to time, I would revisit the notes from our coaching session to see where I am at with my progress. Having them written down allows for some accountability and motivation to further reach my goals. I am excited and look forward to my new future and more than glad that Judy encouraged me to push further and have a winning mindset.


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