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Hot summer is arriving and most people aren’t looking forward to go out for a workout. Even if you go very early in the morning it will be too hot and humid. Let us introduce to you some great and simple exercises to do at home that will keep you active and fit all summer long!  With these simple exercises, you no longer have to go out to your gym or buy expensive workout gear.

Why this home workout works:

  • You don’t have to go out but you can stay in your nice and air-conditioned home
  • You can do them whenever you want
  • You can watch your favorite program or listen to your favorite music
  • It will only take 20 minutes
  • It’s free and easy to do!
  • You only need a stopwatch

How to get fit at home


There is no need to go all the way yet! Always start with a proper 5 minute warming up:

  • 1 minute normal running on the spot
  • 1 minute with arms high and back while running on the spot
  • 1 minute boxing forward while running on the spot
  • 1 minute slowly go from running to a high knee, and same from heel to buttock
  • 1 minute normal running on the spot
  • Followed by 15 squats and 8 push ups

Stretch if needed.

After a good warm up, it is time to start your home workout.

Design your own home workout

You are ready to design your own home workout! Every workout should consist of one muscle exercise and one cardio exercise from the list below. Do each of them for 20 seconds and repeat each exercise 3 times with 10 seconds rest in between. You can alternate your workouts by redesigning your home workout with other exercises each time.

Muscles exercises Gif Maker 2022 06 24T081542.763

1. Lunges alternating

  1. Stand straight, feet on hip position, chest up, sholderblades together, chin in.
  2. Step forward with your right foot
  3. Flex your left knee until this one touches the floor (90 degrees)
  4. Push your right leg back till normal standing position
  5. Repeat with your left leg
  • Beginner: Flex a little less than 90 degrees
  • Intermediate: with a jump (jump lunges)


  • Your right knee stays above the ankle all the time.
  • Keep your chest up and tight your lower abdominals a little during the whole exercise. Gif Maker 2022 06 24T081751.276

2. Planking straight

  1. Lie down on your stomach and push your underarms and toes into the floor.
  2. Push yourself up until you are a nice straight plank from shoulders to ankles.
  3. Tight your lower abdominals (pull them in!)
  4. Don’t forget to keep breathing!


  • Beginner: Plank on your knees
  • Intermediate: lift your left leg and right arm for 5 sec and change.


  • Shoulders are above the elbows. Hands and feet hip/shoulder width
  • A small bulge in the lower back is fine, but never hang in the lower back! Gif Maker 2022 06 24T081846.041

3. Squat

  1. Stand in a straight normal position
  2. While your buttock is going backwards, your arms are pointing forwards
  3. Flex both knees until a maximum of 90 degrees
  4. Push yourself up until straight position, keep knees unlocked!


  • Intermediate: with a jump (jump squats)


  • While you’re going down, bring your body weight to your heels. Your knees will stay above your feet.
  • Keep your lower abdominals al little tightened. Gif Maker 2022 06 24T081930.725

4.      Push up

  1. Put both hands on the floor
  2. Bring your knees back, feet up to the ceiling (crossed)
  3. Push yourself up and make a nice straight plank of yourself (pic 1)
  4. Flex the elbows, and go down with a straight body (pic 2)
  5. Push yourself back up


  • Beginner: against a wall or the arm of the couch
  • Intermediate: on your toes


  • Always keep your elbows relaxed
  • Always tight your lower abdominal a little
  • Keep a straight body the whole exercise

Cardio exercises Gif Maker 2022 06 24T082045.846

1. High knees

  1. S stand in a straight position
  2. Lift your right knee up till belly bottom high
  3. Make a jump and with your left knee high and repeat in a fast rhythm


  • Beginner: March on spot, without the jump


  • Keep chest up
  • Tight lower abdominals a little
  • Stay on the ball of your feet Gif Maker 2022 06 24T082142.584

2. Burpee

  1. Stand on both feet in a straight position
  2. Bring your both hands to the floor next to your feet (pic1)
  3. Jump backwards with your feet until plank position (pic 2)
  4. Jump back with your feet to your hands (pic 3)
  5. Jump up as high as you can, with your hands up high (pic 4)
  6. Repeat again


  • Beginner: stand straight at the end, without the jump
  • Intermediate: make a push up at step 3.


  • Keep a straight back all the time and tighten your lower abdominals a little Gif Maker 2022 06 24T082245.257

3. Ice skating

  1. Stand in straight position on both feet
  2. Jump to the right side and land on your right foot
  3. Than jump to the left side and land on your left foot


  • Beginner: step to the side and back with knees flexed.
  • Intermediate: touch the floor with your hand when you jump a side


  • Keep your back straight Gif Maker 2022 06 24T082348.885

4. Jumping Jack

  1. Stand straight with both feet on the floor (pic left)
  2. Jump up and land with your feet wide and lift your hands up high (pic right)
  3. Jump back to normal straight position and go on in a fast rhythm


  • Beginner: step right foot out, left foot out, right foot in, left foot in. Lift your arms in same tempo
  • Intermediate: flex the knees till squat while landing wide.


  • Land on ball of the foot, with the knees slightly bent
  • Keep lower abdominal a little tensed during the entire exercise

Build muscles and lose weight while enjoying solitude and the air conditioning. Stay fit and healthy this summer! If you are looking for more exercise suggestions to stay fit or to address pain, feel free to reach out to us or book an appointment with our physiotherapist Wendy



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