Florence Robatche- Claive

+852 2530 3315

Florence was born in France with family roots in Asia (Vietnam & India). Throughout her life, she has tried to balance and nurture these influences to create her own path. She started her working life in the luxury hospitality in Paris, where she cultivated her love for multicultural environments and her ability to listen and care for clients’ special needs. Her curiosity for life’s energy and meaning led her on a seven- year journey to learn zen shiatsu with the Japanese Master K. Sasaki.

To deepen her understanding of the energy flow through the meridians, she also studied TCM. In 2008, she certified as a TCM- acupuncturist as well as a shiatsu practitioner : - Fédération Française de Shiatsu Traditionnel - EISA, the European Iokai Shiatsu Association led by K. Sasaki Sensei. Since then and anchored with her solid oriental medicine foundation, she has kept nurturing her healing path with alternative and non-invasive techniques to alleviate her clients’ pains and weaknesses : - NAET method (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques www.naet.com) - Bioenergy holistic treatments and intuitive healing. - Do-In and meditation.

After a decade of private practice while raising her 2 children in the South of France (Montpellier) she is now in Hong Kong. Her shiatsu is gentle and subtle, sustaining the natural homeostasis of the body, harmonizing the energy flow, alleviating pains on physical and/or emotional levels, and reconnecting patients to their inner self.

Therapies by Florence