Floortje Koekkoek

Physiotherapy, Sports Massage
Dutch, English
+852 2530 3315

Registered Physiotherapist (Netherlands)
Certified Physical Rehabilitation Trainer (PRT)
Certified Pilates Instructor
Certified Bootcamp Instructor

Flora is a registered physiotherapist in the Netherlands, specialized in exercise, motion, posture and kinetics. She graduated in 2008 at the higher professional education Bachelor of Health in Utrecht, the Netherlands. In 2010 she finished Modern Orthopaedic Musculoskeletal Medicine Cyriax education, Section ‘Spine’ and in 2011 she became a certified Physical Rehabilitation Trainer (PRT) by graduating at the International Academy for Sport science (IAS). She is also a certified Pilates and Bootcamp instructor.

“BREAK THE FORCE OF HABIT – Through my practice I learned that a lot of my patients’ complaints come from small, sometimes tiny imbalances in movement and posture. Although small, they can be very impactful if exercised during the longest part of the day. My goal is to teach patients how to move healthy and train the routine of good posture. It takes awareness, discipline and time to change the force of habit, but the pay-off will be huge”

Flora is specialized in the healthy posture of the human body. Her treatment is aimed to relieve and prevent complaints that are the result of an incorrect posture and pattern of movement, whether or not caused by a specific abnormality or illness. It is her job to make the client aware of their posture and way of moving, and how this is related to their complaints. The client will also receive insights into how the body responds to pain, (over)load, and tension. She will supervise and train the client in adopting a healthier posture. The client will become aware of negative habits and learn how to break them. During the treatment she will supervise the client in restoring the balance between tension and relaxation, and the body’s condition will be restored. The clients will discover how they can improve their posture and the way they move in relation with their personal situation (work, relationship, diet, sports etc). This way, they will learn how to deal with their complaints itself, and more importantly how they can prevent their complaints from returning.

After her study Flora has been working for 3 years in a multidisciplinary practise in Utrecht, Netherlands. After those years, she moved to Amsterdam where she worked for 6 years as a physiotherapist in several blue-chip corporates and in her own physio practice. The majority of her treatments focussed on sports and work related complaints. Besides massages and mobilisation techniques for immediate relief she uses exercises and Medical Taping Concept (kynesio tape) to create a healthier posture and movement.

Flora is a certified Pilates teacher. Pilates focusses on core stability which fits her believe that creating core stability will greatly enhance good posture and healthy movement: “THE STRONGER YOUR CORE IS, THE STRONGER YOU ARE”.

In the beginning of January 2016 Flora moved to Hong Kong with her husband and 1 year old daughter. She loves traveling and hiking with them. She loves to work with people and is passionate about motivating people during their exercise to push themselves in a responsible and healthy way.

Therapies by Floortje