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Tuesday, 22 September 2015
from 10:00am - 12:15pm

Location: Balance Health

Price: HKD 500
*Register for TWO and pay HKD 900*

To register, please call us on
2530 3315 or fill out the form below.

We appreciate sign-ups in advance.

What is Classical Feng Shui and why is it so important in Asia, especially in Hong Kong?

How does it differ from the “New Age Feng Shui” practiced in the West?

This workshop aims at giving you a brief historical and cultural background of Classical Feng Shui, followed by some practical and very discreet tips and tricks on how to apply straight forward and simple Feng Shui techniques to your apartment. With the purpose to allow for better Qi flow and thereby improving your health, wealth, career and overall well-being. At the end of the talk, you will be able to distinguish a “good” from a “bad” apartment, and gain the knowledge on which building features to avoid and how to protect yourself from negative external influences. The talk will also give insight into how a Classical Feng Shui audit is conducted.

You will learn about:
• Who are we as human beings and what do we actually do?
• History of Classical Feng Shui
• Feng Shui Systems
• The Top 10 exterior Feng Shui features - what is NOT important exterior Feng Shui
• The Top 10 interior Feng Shui features - what is NOT important in interior Feng Shui
• What happens during a Feng Shui audit?

Learn to recognize good and bad Feng Shui features in your home, know how to fix some of the most common Feng Shui mistakes in a simple and straight forward manner.
Of course you are welcome to ask any questions that concern you about the distinctive mastery of Feng Shui.

Who can benefit?
Everybody who is concerned about creating an environment at home and at the office that is in harmony with their own energy level and their life goals. People who wish to learn some of the basic Feng Shui principles commonly applied nowadays and who are interested to learn more about the history and background of Feng Shui.
Especially useful for people who are moving, relocating, thinking of purchasing an apartment or house.

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    Testimonials from previous workshop attendants

    I am delighted to recommend Susanne Schutz for her residential Feng Shui consulting services.
    She performed a Feng Shui audit on a flat that I bought in Hong Kong. I chose Susanne because of her professionalism and rigorous training with a well-respected Feng Shui master.
    I especially appreciated her in-depth written report and follow-up consultation, in which she explained her findings and recommendations in great detail. For those who think only an Asian face can be a Feng Shui expert, I challenge you to consider that what is most important is mastery of Feng Shui knowledge, its application, and clear communication to the client.
    Susanne checks all of these boxes."
    B. Lee