Feeling Overwhelmed By All The Different Treatments, Massages And Therapies Out There?

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Want to customize your treatment to your own needs?

Our sports massage, remedial and deep-tissue massages will make you feel better!

Whether you are once a week jogger or an athlete, our Sports massage helps you to alleviate tension that builds up in your soft tissue during your physical activity. Suman, our new practitioner at Balance Health, can break down your minor injuries and lesions quickly and effectively. You will feel relieved from fatigue, swelling and muscle tension and ready for your next jog!

If work and your everyday routine are tensing you up, remedial massage is what you need. Remedial massage is a therapeutic massage focused on manipulating your soft tissue. Through increasing the blood and lymph flow to injured areas of the body, Suman will repair the function of your soft tissue. Repetitive strain injury and poor posture at work will not be a bugbear anymore. Suman will relieve you from those daily aches and pains.

Nothing can alleviate your chronic pain? You have tried anything out there? Deep tissue massage is what you are looking for. It concentrates on your deep layers of muscle and fascia in the body. By gently but firmly pressing specific vortex points, Suman can increase your blood flood through your body reducing your inflammation and chronic pain. Deep tissue massage also works on injured muscles. It facilitates the movement of toxins from the muscles and helps stretch tight or twisted muscle mass.

Now just pick the one that is best for you!

Do you want to know more?

Or see more about Massage Therapies at Balance Health please read more here.

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