Do you notice that the status of your internal system always has some reflection on your face? Including Acne, black eye, puffiness of the face, brown spots and age spots.

You may notice them, and a feeling of disgust just arises simultaneously. Or maybe you feel scared, wondering if these things would ever go away. The truth is: we all shared the anxiety of aging. What’s next? Rushing out to cure these things on your face? Or treasure the gentle reminder from your body and look into your heart: what does my body want to tell me?

Changes happen every second on our bodies, also on our faces. We may refuse to accept them, but actually, they convey messages that relate to our health. If we get the correct message, we would immediately understand the needs of the body. Then, we try to fulfill the needs, adjust the imbalance. Once “the messengers” accomplish their jobs, they would just leave.

TCM accumulates thousands of years of experience to decode the messages of our body. Take the face for example. When we see puffiness in the face, we translate this message into: the circulation may have blockages inside the body. Then, we need to collect other information from the color of the tongue, the appearance of pulses, and any other routines or habits related. After the integration of all the information, we finally find the major imbalanced location inside the body. It could be on meridians or zang-fu viscera. That is the part that sends out the message to the face to tell you: I need some care.

Facial acupuncture is the key to take care of the inner demands of the body. We use very fine needles on the face (much thinner than normal acupuncture), and the needle can make a connection from the acupuncture point to the region inside the body which needs the care. This fine-tuning process may not be noticed with specific feelings, but the stimulation would invisibly adjust the imbalance from different layers. First, the most superficial one is the skin. Acupuncture can increase blood and Qi circulation to enhance the metabolism of the skin. Second, the stimulus of the needle would increase the muscle elasticity by reaching the muscle layer. The innermost layer is the meridian, the channel for the transportation of healthy molecules from the digestive system to each part of the body.

In conclusion, the body is a very loyal friend. It has a different communication method that it doesn’t speak in languages, but always sends messages. Sometimes, we may get it in the wrong way, but as long as we listen and respond correctly, it will bring you peace and beauty inside out. That’s how we connect, and that’s how we express gratitude to the body.

If you are looking to restoring balance in your body in the area of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hongkong with Dr. Michell Zhang, you can book an appointment with us at +852 2530 3315 or email to start the journey of transforming your body!

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