Facial Acupuncture: The Natural & Holistic Approach to beauty!

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Have you ever felt the curiosity of trying a different approach when it comes to facial treatment? Heard of Facial Acupuncture and wonder how these work?

We all know that self-love will always come first and everything that is going on in our body shows in our face. Health issues can not only affect the way you feel but also how you look. Nowadays, each of us experiences pressure, stress, lack of confidence, anxieties, etc. that results in a change in our physical appearance. Considering Facial Acupuncture might be the best method for you to gain that positivity back!

Facial Acupuncture uses needles inserted into pre-determined points on the face, encouraging balance and stimulating collagen production to minimize fine lines and unwanted wrinkles in the face. Acupuncture addresses the primary factor for premature aging. The use of acupuncture needles causes micro trauma to the skin that signals your body to send collagen to heal a specific physical unit. On the other hand, it stimulates nitric oxide that effectively distributes blood flow to facial tissues. It gives the desired anti-aging effects without the safety concerns. Not only does facial acupuncture rejuvenate your skin physically, but it also addresses your internal health rather than solely your outward appearance.

This treatment is a holistic approach to health and beauty that improves overall well-being and boosts Qi (vital energy). With so much on our plates, we often forget to relax, balance our lives and take a breather.

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Rebalance the mind, body, and soul with the help of an acupuncture treatment that stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities. Have a better sleep, hormone balancing, digestive issues, relaxation, and many more health benefits! But always remember to consult a licensed acupuncturist to determine which treatment would be safe and effective in your facial skincare.  

Our Balance Health signature treatments utilize modern wellness technology and a natural approach supporting your skin’s inner glow and anti-aging.  It involves a comprehensive fusion of ancient wisdom of facial Acupuncture, and the modern Science of CBD to address long-term skin concerns such as acne, signs of aging, dryness, or oily skin.

Learn more about Balance Health CBD Facial Treatments and get the glow from within here.







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