Facial Acupuncture for Younger and Healthier Skin

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Facial acupuncture is getting popular nowadays. Most people see facial acupuncture for cosmetic reasons but its benefits go way beyond what the eyes can see. Yes it addresses the signs of aging but mostly, facial acupuncture improves the overall health of our skin.

Facial acupuncture is an extension of the traditional Chinese medicine practice acupuncture which has been around for centuries and is very helpful to treat pains and other health conditions. This innovative technique optimizes our health while at the same time enhances the outside appearance of the skin.

Facial Acupuncture Benefits 

Facial acupuncture works by stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory systems. These systems play an important role in delivering oxygen and nutrients to the skin. They help nourish your skin inside out. 

As facial acupuncture keeps the skin healthy, your complexion will be more even out which also helps promote the glow of your skin. Another benefit from this traditional Chinese medicine technique is the stimulation of collagen production which we need to minimize wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

Instead of going for surgery to remove wrinkles or make the skin look younger, facial acupuncture is a better and safer option. Like other treatments, this method is not a quick fix but it has long-term results. A study showed how facial acupuncture can trigger facial skin elasticity in just five sessions in female participants aged 40-59. On top of reduced tension and anxiety, the long term effects of facial acupuncture include softer facial appearance, better stimulation of the collagen and brighter skin tone or complexion.

Our clinical practice has traditional Chinese medicine doctors who have years of experience in performing facial acupuncture to patients. Its results are best achieved when done by an expert as well as when combined with a well-balanced diet and also a skin care routine recommended by a practitioner.

Remember that your body is a very loyal friend. Although it does not speak in languages we know, it still communicates with us. It always sends messages. Sometimes, we may get it in the wrong way, but as long as we listen and respond correctly, it will bring you peace and beauty inside out. That’s how we connect, and that’s how we express gratitude to the body.


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