The breakthrough program to build neuropathways for sustainable change!


Oct 29 - 30 2022


9:30 am - 5:00 pm





The movement o f the Universal Supreme is a non judgmental flow. In energy medicine, a non-judgmental flow will allow us to self-align with conscious and unconditional love and equanimity. When conforming to that judgment-free state, we will also become involved in that supreme good,

Following the flow of nature is not just energy. It is also more than just teaching methods. It is about the incorporation of an attitude of helping life. Richard Wickes leads by example and selflessly shares this unconditional love where there is room for trust, equality, understanding, humility and resilience. Much of the knowledge in energy medicine or energy healing that he shares is from the decades of experience, learning and expertise in the field that he has acquired.

A stable and neutral heart helps us better face various uncertain life aspects and hardships. This course will help you learn how to rely on yourself and for you to say goodbye to the feeling of helplessness. It will teach you how to be attuned to the supreme goodness of the universe, in balance and harmony. With the correct intention calibration, the course will help you to be less prone to experiencing energy pollution.

Benefits from this Energy Medicine or Pranic Healing online course

  • Deal with personal issues quickly
  • Identify the dots in the various energies and how to use them
  • Learn the mechanism of energy work
  • Learn the powerful energy point and impact of energy on us
  • Learn and being able to differentiate the primordial energy and diode energy
  • Being able to detect and confirm energy
  • Learn the secrets to using intent
  • Being able to apply intention in life
  • Learn about the mechanism and power of group intent
  • Learn the neutralizing energy method
  • Learn about karma and energy processing

Flow of the Course

  • Discussion of energy work. In this part, Richard Wickes will go deeper into various areas and aspects of our lives that have a huge impact on energy work. It will focus on new techniques and seeing how energies interact over and over again.
  • Guided application of the topics discussed. Topics to learn will include but are not limited to energy healing license, boundaries, group consciousness, alien influences, time and space, psychology, numerology and sacred geometry.


When: 29-30 October 2022 (Saturday-Sunday)

Time: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Price: HK$5400

You can easily align with the unconditional love of the universe with the pure heart of a newborn baby. Let’s explore and experience the possibilities offered by energy medicine through Pranic Healing!

About the Instructor

Richard Wickes’ background further includes certifications in Fascia Digestion Therapy, Fascia Reproduction Therapy, Fascia Osteopathic therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Emotional release. Further, Richard Wickes is a qualified craniosacral therapist, a Yuen method master and practices myofascial release therapy. A new dimension opened to Richard after he met a Daoist Grandmaster in 1989. He devoted himself so he can to learn as much as he could about energy healing or energy medicine as others know. Through the years, he found learned more about Hypnosis, Shamanism and other alternative healing methods like EFT, NLP and even mindfulness. His purpose in life now is to help people on their own journey of self-development and discovery. He is eager to empower people to connect inside. He is also willing to educate and protect people

Holistic treatments for anxiety and depression.
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