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Jul 07 2021


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Date: July 7, 2021
Time: 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Venue: MOVE STUDIO, 7F Parekh House, 63 Wyndham Street, Central


A workshop including
MOVEMENT + DANCE HEALING + TALK on Women’s Health & Empowerment with Lily Chan & Olivia Cotes

Sacred WOMBmanhood ~ Honoring Your Magic During Menstruation

In modern times, we have lost touch with this power. Power that our had deep reverence for. In modern age, women curse their
periods, conditioned from puberty to believe that menstruation is a time of the month that is shameful, dirty, painful, a chronic annoyance.
However, our ancestors recognised that there was a direct correlation of menstrual blood’s life giving properties, for the self, the community and the earth. This is ancient knowledge that still rings true today.

The essence of this workshop/retreat is to honour the Sacred Blood Mysteries again, during a time when feminine energy is needed more than ever to rebalance the disharmony of a deeply-rooted patriarchal society.

We will:

* Talk about the history and origins of Sacred Menstruation and Menstrual Divination.
* History of the Blood Mysteries that our mothers, grandmothers, great mothers had.
* Shame and Guilt conditioning of menstruation being seen as dirty – stigmatised taboo.
* Rituals to reclaim the the Divine Feminine Power of Menstruation.
* How to move through the different phases of a woman’s cycle through meditation, sound, movement, dance.
* Writing and Reflection Exercises (Option)
* How to read your blood and the various methods
* Decoding your book’s color – Discerning when physical imbalance are present
* A goddess embodiment movement session to help you reconnect to your womb and yoni.
* A guided meditative movement dance amplified by medicine songs that
will take you on a powerful journey of self re-discovery, carrying you through all the phases of feminine energy.
* By tuning in to your body, you can tune into your True Wombanhood as a recalibration process and bring your essence back to wholeness.

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