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Jun 18 2016


10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Power Manage Yourself – Levels One and TwoSelf Mastery for Success in Life and Career

“There is a great sense of release in this self exploratory healing approach because we learn to objectify our thoughts and emotions, not justify them. Too much energy is spent trying to defend our behaviour when really all we want to do is transcend it.”

Many people are caught up in a vicious cycle of self-sabotage, which creates self-defensive actions. They take things personally and don’t have the strength to stand in their power while facing challenge and trauma. True personal power is to stop feeding egoic defense strategies and to own the side of you that transcends emotion. But first you need to understand the interiority of the mind, which gives you the power to change your relationship with thought. Through self-examination you gain a depth of knowledge about the nature of your mind as you recognize the conditioned beliefs and values behind your reactions. Through a growing sense of inner awareness you detach from limiting mindsets as you gain insight to skillfully master where you put your attention. Emotions that were once fueled by a repetitive inner voice can be brought under control, as you no longer fall victim to limiting thoughts.

Power Manage Yourself Workshop Level One:

“The focus is not on learning but on self-discovery.”

This foundational level of development focuses on cultivating the objective realization of your nature through self-discovery. With the use of models, processes, videos, and inner reflective activities you will recognise the main sources of influence behind limiting beliefs and negativity. You will identify thinking patterns that hold you back and learn how to operate from a heightened state of awareness where you have greater choice in how you respond to life.

Power Manage Yourself Programme Level Two:

“I am now able to deal with daily life challenges by stepping back, observing, and intercepting these patterns with great tools.”

This session is focused on revealing the default mindsets from where we operate to identify the patterns of misperception and expose the blind spots of delusion. As a continuation from level one, PMY level two looks into overcoming specific issues surrounding our personal identity in relationships and the cycle of unconscious triggers that create automatic reactions. You will better understand where you lose power and learn how to regulate your energy through practical techniques. You will also learn the master technique to controlling focus.

Linda offers one free coaching session upon the completion of each PMY level.

Who can benefit?
People from all walks of life can benefit from this workshop, particularly those who suffer from stress, anxiety, worry, and relationship problems, who have a history of health issues, loneliness, personal loss, or emotional upheaval.

You will personally gain:
• Inner objective recognition of your automatic reactions as they arise
• Practical self-regulation techniques and tools to manage unruly thoughts and behaviour
• Enhanced self-confidence and positive perspective, and reduced attachment and self-limitation
• The ability to move beyond small mindedness and expand into a greater sense of self worth and compassion
• Insight into how your world is the sum total of a conditioned worldview
• A newfound awareness that enhances your ability to live in the present with trust and confidence, and which forms the foundation of personal courage and freedom to live the life you dream

Event Details

Saturday, 18 June 2016
from 10:00am – 5:00pm

To be confirmed

Location: Balance Health

Price: HKD 3,300
*Register one week in advance for HKD 3,000*

To register, please call us on
2530 3315


Linda V. Fancy
mental freedom facilitator

Testimonials from previous workshop attendants

Working with Linda made me aware of my repeated self-destructive mind patterns. I learned that thoughts and beliefs completely lose their power once accepted not resisted. I am now able to deal with daily life challenges by stepping back, observing, and intercepting these patterns with great tools. This is helping me tremendously in coping with daily situations, which I used to believe, are beyond my control, and in managing my reoccurring anxiety attacks, which since Linda’s workshop have actually completely disappeared!”
Wera Hack

From the start of the workshop I saw immediately why I act and think the way I do. Working through the program opened a good insight into who I am and how to adjust my thoughts. This has helped me to get more from life. It also helped me to gain energy by letting needless thoughts go.“
Jeff, Pilot

The workshop offered so much insight about myself and I am amazed how useful and effective it is in my daily life. It has given me a positive perspective on many levels. I feel much lighter and freer as I now know how to see the world with a brand-new pair of eyes!”
Kay, Special Needs Therapist

“Since the workshop I have been letting go of the judgmental views of ‘me’s’ of the past… my choices, experiences, emotions that were seemingly outside my control… There is the realisation that I can choose to be whichever form of me I want at any point in life… and for that I am thankful!”
Tammy, Consultant

“This training is appropriate for people who are interested to dive deep into self-management techniques and analysis. The workshop adds a different dimension to corporate thinking. It really helps provide clarity on some of the demanding situations as we are strongly attached to our actions, emotions and thoughts, and we seldom think from another perspective. The shift in thinking without attaching self to it makes a lot of difference and will help us tackle emotional outbursts.”
Chitra, HR director

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