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Jan 07 2023


7:00 am - 12:00 pm

Mindscape Webinar


“A state of connection”

Intuition, creativity, personal growth, and performance training for life.

Are you ready to discover your full potential?

Most of us use only a fraction of our mind’s capabilities. Our instinctive skill of moving through life utilizing subtle senses, brain function and trusting our intuition has, more than likely, been replaced by technology. 

MindScape is designed to transcend limitations. 

Modern day living and all its conveniences continues to diminish much of our brain’s ability to process information, multitask, focus, problem solve, create solutions and remain calm while under stress and pressure. 

Discover your amazing innate ability. 

MindScape allows us to access a level of brain wave function that rejuvenates connections and enhances the partnership between the right and left brain communication

You possess the most powerful tool in existence. 

By establishing a framework of structured intuition, the MindScape experience trains the participant to access latent mental abilities, shift paradigms, and achieve amazing results that can be used immediately in everyday life.

MindScape is a dynamic weekend workshop that leads participants to open the intuitive powers of the mind and learning how to tap into this resource at will. 

Unleash Your Creative Genius You possess the most powerful tool in existence – “the creative genius of the mind.” Discover how easy and fun it is to use MindScape effectively in your daily life.
•   Embrace Your Intuition
•   Promote Relaxation
•   Reduce Stress
•   Resolve Conflicts
•   Improve Relationships
•   Develop Outstanding Mental Skills
•   Heal Your Body
•  Advances Personal Growth        
 •  Improve Professional Performance  
•  Improve Memory Ability
•  Excel in Sports
•  Attract Healthy Life Experiences
•  Create an Optimal Outcome

MindScape Science – How it works

Recent Scientific research shows that the majority of us are using our minds at the capacity of a calculator rather than the super-computer that we possess. The brain contains approximately 100 billion nerve cells. Each of these nerve cells has the ability to interact with each other, making us capable of having over 60 trillion connections. The majority of us however, only use 5% of what we are capable of.

 The key to unlock this potential is in your hands. It’s called MindScape.

 MindScape is a powerful and enjoyable workshop that teaches you to use your remarkable inner mind faculties. This happens through learning to firstly access a state of mind that opens the way to the flow of creativity and intuition. Then, we build a permanent framework for these faculties through visualization, much as an operating system gives the owner of a computer the ability to use that machine for various uses.


Mindscape: Connect with the Universal Hologram.

Journey Inward to Excel Outward.

Learn to set your quantum mind in action and use the mind’s fullest potential to thrive in all aspects of life.

• Connect with your inner-self

• Align body, mind and spirit

• Increase awareness, alertness and intuition

• Improve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health

• Resolve conflicts effortlessly

• Reach life goals

• Improve relationship with self and others

• Release subconscious emotions

• Learn relaxation and de-stressing techniques

• Dissolve limiting belief systems

• Increase creativity

Benefits From the Event

• Enhancing Your Intuition

• Reducing Stress

• Improving Relationships

• Healing Your Body

• Advancing Personal Growth

• Improving Professional Performance

• Developing Outstanding Mental Skills

• Excelling in Sports

• Creating an Optimal Outcome

Flow of the Class:

  • Lecture and practice
  • Experiential workshop
  • Interactive workshop

Schedule of the Event:

When: January 7-9,2023

Time: 7AM-12PM

Location: Online through Zoom

Practitioner: Angie Tourani

Cost:  Seminar fee HKD4900, 

Early Bird Discount price: HKD4300 for registrations till 18th Dec is HKD4300

Holistic treatments for anxiety and depression.
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