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Mar 10 - 11 2018


2:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Mindscape Seminar

The vast power of the mind. How effective are you using it in your life?

With MindScape you will develop ways of engaging and enhancing your intuition and creative abilities. Mindscape opens vast possibilities in every area of your life and work. MindScape can activate your mind’s real potential and open doors of opportunities and possibilities you never thought attainable.

MindScape is a fascinating weekend workshop designed to cater to all, without any prerequisite requirements. The course is both instructional and experiential, with Angie Tourani teaching through theoretical techniques and then leading the students through practical hands-on situations.

The seminar will show you how to realign the workings of your alpha mind and create a mental framework essential for success.
You will be guided through a series of techniques and exercises how to:

1. Slow down your brain waves, get focused & centred
2. De stress your body and mind and live a grounded and balanced life
3. Enhance your intuition and creativity in all aspects of your life
4. Create a unique conceptional mental frame work to tap into your minds intuitive abilities
5. Recognize and clear, subconscious negative and limiting belief systems that are holding you back
6. Create your own reality and change your life by manifesting your goals
7. Mentally train and prepare for any event or presentation
8. Heal injuries, illnesses & hurt from past relationships and expereinces

As a layperson, MindScape will give you –
1. Powerful tools required for personal development
2. The ability to expand your current scope of experiences and opportunities
3. The ability to tap your real potential
4. The ability to make effective life decisions with confidence and grace
5. The ability to resolve conflicts and connect with people at deeper level

For Health Care Professionals, MindScape will arm you with –
1. Specialised tools and techniques for conducting distance treatment for Body Talkers and other practitioners
2. The ability to scan the patient and identify and prioritise problem areas
3. The ability to understand the patient on a deeper level and bring about faster mental/physical healing
4. The ability to easily address complicated cases (addictions, mental health issues, compulsive behaviour) in a gentle and nurturing manner

For Corporate (Business), MindScape will assist with –
1. Providing mental techniques for using in business senarios for enhancing efficiency and creativity
2. Providing tools for stimulating out –of – the- box thinking , brainstroming and problem solving
3. Providing tools for visualizing obectives and rehersing presentations.
4. Tools for understanding and resolving conflicts better

For athletes MindScape will enhance your performance with –
1. The ability to mentally train for success
2. The power to optimise the mind and body to achieve success and meet challenges
3. The ability to work with teammates in perfect harmony and synchronization
4. The ability to train the mind to enhance co-ordination, speed and agility

For Students MindScape will help you with –
1. Improving your Memory
2. Developing outstanding Mental Skills
3. Achieving better performance and results
4. Using your intuition and creativity to better your projects and presentations

Event Details

Mindscape Introductory Talk

-Weekend Seminar
March 10th from 2:00pm – 7:00pm
March 11th from 10am-5pm

Early Bird: HKD4500 (until 22nd Feb)
HKD4800 (includes manual and certificate)
*bring a friend discount HKD4300

To register, please call us on 2530 3315.


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