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Sep 24 2022

MindGym Class

About Mindgym:

A weekly yoga for your mind
A time to pause, reflect and reset
A weekly upgrade of new coaching tools, mental models, frameworks for the better self
A new way of creating the future through visualization mindfulness practice

There will be 4 parts in each 45 minutes Mind Gym session:

1. Simple and practical breathing & mindfulness practice to shift to the present moment and fully arrive in the session
2. Learn and apply a new coaching tools, mental models, frameworks for reflection, gaining clarity, setting effective goals, building winning mindset, developing life strategy and so on
3. Share life hacks on stress management, better sleep, mental health, or other elements on holistic health & wellness
4.Guided visualization and manefestation: the newest technology to create your future.

About Judy Xu:

Judy is an intuitive guide to a life of purpose and bliss. In her practice Judy skillfully draws from her expertise as a Holistic Health Coach, Life Coach, Intuitive Coaching/Akashic Record, and Numerology reading.

Judy’s unique ability to support her clients in their journey to balance, health and personal transformation is rooted in her own spiritual journey. On her journey to her Northern Light through authenticity, Judy has been able to manifest a life that she truly loves – and that looks very different from the life she led over a decade ago: she shifted from ego-serving to soul-serving; she evolved from unhealthy achiever to healthy achiever to powerful creator.

Event Details:

Mindgym Class

Venue:Balance Health Clinic, 2705, 27/F, Universal Trade Centre 3-5 Arbuthnot Road (pronounced ‘Aa Ba Not Doh’ in Cantonese) Central, Hong Kong

Price: HK$250

Step 1: Fill out the Class Registration Form
Step 2: Customer Service Team will confirm your registration via email/phone call
Step 3: Arrange Payment settlement for the Class

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Judy Xu

Holistic treatments for anxiety and depression.
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