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Jun 05 - 19 2023


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Meet Your Future Self Meditation 2023

Would you like to be a powerful creator to create your own destiny? Would you like to learn the
magic of manifesting the future you love? Come join this special session which includes fun
activities to elevate your state, enhance your intuition as well as a powerful meditation to meet
your future self. This complimentary event is for those who want to learn and grow, ask questions about
themselves and use that information to live their future life to its fullest.

What would you experience: 

  • Interactive and fun introductory activity to practice your intuition of giving and accepting gifts
  • Grounding meditation to condition and calm the mind for the upcoming deep meet your future self meditation
  • Visualizing and meeting the person you will become, and living the life you want to live in the next 10 years.
  • Working backwards through meditation to identify the choices, decisions and plans you should make to get there.

Benefits from the event:

  • You will experience deep peace & relaxation, gratitude and bliss state.
  • You will feel the excitement to meet your future self in 10 years and get the opportunity to ask the burning question you have.
  • You will cultivate your relationship with your deeper inner self and develop your intuition.
  • You will have the clarity to better plan for the steps that you need to take to put your visualized future self into reality.

Event Schedule:

When: 5,12,19 June 2023; 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM (GMT+8)

Location: Online through Zoom

Cost: Free

About the Practitioner

Judy is an intuitive guide to a life of purpose and bliss. In her practice, Judy skillfully draws from her expertise as an  Executive Coach, Holistic Health & Life Coach, Intuitive Coaching/Akashic Record, Shamanism, Numerology and much more.

Judy’s unique ability to support her clients in their journey to balance, health and personal transformation is rooted in her own spiritual journey. On her journey to her Northern Light through authenticity, Judy has been able to manifest a life that she truly loves – and that looks very different from the life she led over a decade ago: she shifted from ego-serving to soul-serving; she evolved from unhealthy achiever to healthy achiever to powerful creator.

Her life’s work is to facilitate the same for her clients: to look at health and life’s purpose from a holistic perspective; to understand the best way to be of service and the path to create it; to identify limiting beliefs, the destructive patterns that create anxiety and stress, and then to transform all the inhibitions to wisdom and blissfulness.

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