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Oct 05 - 22 2015


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Introductory Seminar About Buteyko’s Method of Breathing Reconditioning

Breathing Techniques that can dramatically improve your well-being

Buteyko’s method was developed in the 1950’s by Russian respiratory specialist, Dr. K.P Buteyko. When he discovered that underlying all chronic illness is dysfunctional breathing, causing in a deficit of CO2 in the body, which then results in reduced oxygen supply to cells and a range of other havoc throughout the organism. Australian senior practitioner, Jac Vidgen has been teaching the method for the past 20 years, and was the first to bring it to Asia.

Apart from reversing many common symptoms and chronic health concerns, there are numerous other benefits of more optimal breathing such as better sleep quality, more balanced and robust immune, hormone, cardio vascular, digestive and nervous systems, more calmness and clarity, better results with sports and any other disciplines. Moreover it’s a brilliant tool for weight management.

At the seminar, you will gain info on:
• What is optimal breathing
• How to recognise when your breathing is dysfunctional
• The dangers of over-breathing and some simple tips on how to reduce it
• How your breathing relates to your various habits and also to your symptoms

Buteyko’s Method provides significant results with a range of health concerns such as:
• asthma, allergies and COPD/emphysema
• panic attacks and anxiety disorders
• snoring and other sleep disorders
• immune and hormone imbalance
• fatigue
• hypertension and diabetes

Event Details

Free Introductory Lecture:
Monday, 5 October 2015
from 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Workshop (5 x 2 hour sessions)
Tuesday, 13 October
Wednesday, 14 October
Thursday, 15 October
Monday, 19 October
Thursday, 22 October

Location: Balance Health

Price: HK$5,000 for the workshop (5 x 2 hours)

To register, please call us on
2530 3315

We appreciate sign-ups in advance.


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