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Nov 04 2022


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Instant Pain Relief With Energy Healing: A Complimentary Event with Richard Wickes

Pain drains so much energy, joy and passion from our lives. Although sometimes we might feel like there’s no solution outside dependency on pills, there are alternative effective pain relief approaches to help you. Here are three secrets to pain to know:

  1. Blockages cause pain. Chinese medicine is founded in this principle. Releasing blockages in the flow of energy has proved effective for thousands of years.
  2. Pain is subjective. It’s hard to believe, but quite often doctors has no way of knowing if discomfort or pain is real or faked. The phenomena of phantom pain illustrates this; pain in amputated limbs. Many times we are told that pains is all in the mind, but it is obviously more nuanced than that.
  3. Pain can be released energetically. This is somewhat a secret. Richard Wickes’ personal experience of years of clinical experience alongside being a medical intuitive showed him that healing needs a structural energetic shift to be effective. That means any medicine which doesn’t change the structure of the patterns causing sickness won’t elicit a long term healing.

Would you like to experience how structural energy changes can immediately transform pain and bring enormous and long term relief? Join our complementary energy healing event specifically tailored for those

Benefits From the Class

  • Know the causes of pain and how energy healing helps
  • Instant pain relief

Flow of Class

  • 5 minutes of talk on what leads to pain and how energy healing can relieve pain instantly
  • Work on relieving pain individually

Details of the Event

Date: November 4, 2022

Time: 7PM – 8PM

Location: Online through Zoom

Cost: Free

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