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Nov 03 2022 - Dec 01 2022


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Instant Pain Relief With Energy Healing

Pain drains so much energy, joy and passion from our lives. Although sometimes we might feel like there’s no solution outside dependency on pills, there are alternative effective pain relief approaches to help you. Here are three secrets to pain to know:

In our practice, we deal with challenges holistically. As with indecision, we need to look at where hesitation and indecision come from energetically? Energy medicine practitioners believe that if the energy is uncertain or unstable, it can result in hesitation or being indecisive and can rattle us to our core. Without realizing that we are being indecisive, our ability to see things and act calmly and with clarity will also falter. When this happens, we put ourselves in a situation wherein we are more at risk of facing energy problems.

1. Blockages cause pain. Chinese medicine is founded in this principle. Releasing blockages in the flow of energy has proved effective for thousands of years.
2. Pain is subjective. It’s hard to believe, but quite often doctors has no way of knowing the intensity of one’s pain. The phenomena of phantom pain illustrates this; pain in amputated limbs. Many times we are told that pains is all in the mind, but it is obviously more nuanced than that.
3. Pain can be released energetically. This is somewhat a secret. Richard Wickes’ personal experience of years of clinical experience alongside being a medical intuitive showed him that healing needs a structural energetic shift to be effective. That means any medicine which doesn’t change the structure of the patterns causing sickness won’t elicit a long term healing.

Would you like to experience how structural energy changes can immediately transform pain and bring enormous and long term relief? Join our complementary energy healing event.

Benefits From the Class

  • Know the causes of pain and how energy healing helps
  • Instant pain relief

Flow of Class

  • 5 minutes of talk on what leads to pain and how energy healing can relieve pain instantly
  • Work on relieving pain individually


When: every first Thursday of the month starting November 3

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Balance Health Zoom

** Pre-registration is required,.

About the Instructor

Richard Wickes’ background further includes certifications in Fascia Digestion Therapy, Fascia Reproduction Therapy, Fascia Osteopathic therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Emotional release. Further, Richard Wickes is a qualified craniosacral therapist, a Yuen method master and practices myofascial release therapy. A new dimension opened to Richard after he met a Daoist Grandmaster in 1989. He devoted himself so he can to learn as much as he could about energy healing or energy medicine as others know. Through the years, he found learned more about Hypnosis, Shamanism and other alternative healing methods like EFT, NLP and even mindfulness. His purpose in life now is to help people on their own journey of self-development and discovery. He is eager to empower people to connect inside. He is also willing to educate and protect people

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