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Mar 01 2024 - Dec 31 2024

Healing QiGong/ Tai Chi Movements

Many people nowadays are concerned with their body fitness. However, most of them focus on the outside appearance rather than the actual health state of their internal wellbeing. Along with improving our appearance, it would be better if we would train our internal wellbeing? Good for us that the ancient Chinese has already developed effective methods and systems to boost our health condition on a holistic level.

Qigong Healing and Tai Chi Master Lawrence Tse is an expert who can help you in this journey. He has created sets of systems to train both body fitness and internal energy for you to achieve a higher level of health and fitness inside out. He is specialized on teaching specific Healing Qigong and Tai Chi movements to address different physical problems.

All these Qigong movements are mainly soft and gentle, yet very effective on healing. Even sick and weak people can learn and practice them to gain great benefit. Many patients continue to practice Healing Qigong for some time to achieve full recoveries towards their own problems and to improve their health conditions continuously. 

Advantages of Tai Chi Master Lawrence Tse’s Qigong Energy Healing:

– It is one of the most natural healing methods

– No side effect

– Working the essence of the being – Energy

– Regular practice of Healing Qigong and Tai Chi would prevent recurrence of some health problems.

– Strengthens overall health

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