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Dec 01 2022


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Everyday Breathwork & Healing Breathwork

Practitioner: Thomas Amiard

In this theoretical and practical online breathwork session we will explore breathwork techniques for everyday life and breathwork techniques for healing.

Breathwork for everyday life:

The Breath theory,  How it works, the link between the breath and the changes in your physiology, the different breathwork therapy practices and their many benefits  

Practice of Relaxing, Balancing and Energizing Breathwork techniques so you can adapt to any situation

Breathwork for Healing

It’s use in different traditions and in modern psychology

How you can reach the body, the energy, the emotions, the mental & the spirit with breathwork

How breathwork can clear traumas accessing the subconscious mind

The four kind of healing breathwork experiences one can expect

Benefits From This Online Breathwork Session

  • mood elevation
  • blood PH alkalization
  • anti-inflammation
  • balanced blood pressure
  • better sleep 
  • easy to reach deep meditative state
  • stronger respiratory system
  • better immunity
  • trauma and PTSD relief
  • depression and anxiety relief
  • unlock psycho-somatic blocages
  • decreased addictive behaviors
  • improved mental focus

Flow of the Event

  • Theoretical speech on Everyday Breathwork
  • Practice 3 breathwork techniques
  • Theoretical speech on Healing Breathwork


When: December 1, 2022

Time: 7 PM HKT

Location: Hybrid – Onsite at Balance Health & Online Balance Zoom

Cost: Free

About the Instructor

Thomas Amiard, is a French psychotherapist, personal development and breathwork specialist, speaker, sound engineer, and artist.

He has been exploring sound, breathwork, psychology and consciousness for the last 25 years working in Europe, South America and Asia.

His journey into personal development started in 1993 when he met a Shaman (traditional healer) in the Sierra Mazateca in Mexico. The teaching he received completely changed his life and triggered a profound interest in consciousness and personal evolution.

Holistic treatments for anxiety and depression.
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