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Oct 06 2022


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Energy Jazz Complimentary Event: Indecision Buster

“Indecision leads to inaction which leads to low energy, depression, despair.” – George Leonard

Indecision, uncertainty and instability; our world has really changed. Like all sudden changes, they can be traumatic and lay waste to our plans. This undermines our self confidence and self esteem. In some instances, it also undermines our sense of meaning in the world and can cause us to hesitate. This is where we usually start to become indecisive. The question now is – how to stop being indecisive?

Where does hesitation come from energetically? When our energy is unstable, it will lead to hesitation and can shake us to our core. All along, while we think that we are enjoying the buzz, the vibration of hesitation is slowly freezing us. From then, we will lose the ability to act with calmness and clarity. When we are not calm and clear with the happenings around us, we are more at risk or more prone to experiencing energetic problems.

All energy problems can be caused by these three:

  • They can be inherited
  • They can be injected
  • They can be due to trauma

In energy medicine or energy healing, inherited energy problems refer to those that we picked up from someone else. These could be from a boss, from our family or even genetic – built on our DNA. Meanwhile, infected problems are those that we picked up from an infected object or thing. For this field of practice, a “thing” energetically would mean anything, which adds fun to our journey of resolving our energetic issues. Lastly, trauma tic problems are those that were imprinted or we got from an event that has shaken off our body, mind and spirit to the core.

This is where Energy Jazz can help you. Energy Jazz Indecision Buster is an energy medicine or energy healing method that branches out from Tai Chi or Tai Ji Energetics. It uses primal creational energy to reinstall the unbreakable confidence in your life. It will help you work on your hesitations and help you determine how to stop being indecisive.

Why is it important to work on being indecisive? It is crucial because when hesitation and indecision gets chronic, it will gnaw on our sense of self. It will cause us to undermine our own worth and capabilities. We will lose trust in ourselves. Above all, we will lost the connection to our inner core of peace which is our foundation and root.

This complimentary event is specifically designed like jazz to eliminate our life hesitations, insecurities, confusions and indecisions. It allows spontaneity and flows with whatever presents itself using energy work. In this event, Richard Wickes focuses on integrating energy healing with the Tai Chi or Tai Ji philosophy to balance the qi and its flow in our body and help us get all the benefits from this session.

Benefits from Tai Chi Energy Jazz Indecision Buster

  • Calm and clearer mind
  • Better stress management
  • Decreased anxiety and depression
  • Improved self confidence and self esteem
  • More positive mood
  • Better qi balance and flow through the body and organs
  • Happier life

In one of his previous classes, Richard heard someone said that she was clinically deaf in one ear. He uses the trainings that he learned in energy work to solve the problem. Instead of taking the clinical definition as a prison sentence, he tried energy medicine or energy healing methods. Finally, the attendee got hearing back in her ear.

Curious as to how energy medicine works? Let’s get back on track. Instead of fixing Humpty Dumpty, let’s rebirth your energy. You choose where you want to improve and we see where the energy flow riff and jam.

Join us in this Complimentary Energy Jazz Event and Fight off Your Hesitations and Confusions! Participants can bring their own specific challenge of indecision to the session to ask Richard to work on it.

Flow of the Class

  • Discussion of the science behind emotions, indecision, uncertainty and confusion. As a psychologist and an energy healing expert, he will explain how we can see or understand these from an “energy” point of view.
  • He will teach his energy method. It is quick and simple.
  • He will go through actual case studies wherein he helped calm and improve the upsetting thoughts of his clients and friends.

Other Important Details of the Energy Jazz Indecision Buster Complimentary Event

When: Thursday, 6 October 2022

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Balance Health Zoom

** Pre-registration is required,.

About the Instructor

Richard Wickes’ background further includes certifications in Fascia Digestion Therapy, Fascia Reproduction Therapy, Fascia Osteopathic therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Emotional release. Further, Richard Wickes is a qualified craniosacral therapist, a Yuen method master and practices myofascial release therapy. A new dimension opened to Richard after he met a Daoist Grandmaster in 1989. He devoted himself so he can to learn as much as he could about energy healing or energy medicine as others know. Through the years, he found learned more about Hypnosis, Shamanism and other alternative healing methods like EFT, NLP and even mindfulness. His purpose in life now is to help people on their own journey of self-development and discovery. He is eager to empower people to connect inside. He is also willing to educate and protect people

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