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Dec 03 2022


7:30 am - 1:00 pm

BodyTalk Access Webinar (Immune Tune Webinar): Helping People to Help Themselves

Practitioner: Angie Tourani

Learn how to strengthen your immune system and have better health through a one-day self- help program – BodyTalk Access Workshop

The BodyTalk System re-establishes lines of communications within the body that have been blocked by exposure to viruses, bacteria, and day-to-day stresses that can break down the immune system. The body’s own innate healing ability then mobilises mechanisms to address viruses and/ or bacteria, with the correct timing and sequence for each person.

5 techniques in 10 minutes a day – lead a healthy and balanced life. 

What if you can learn to do this – and more – in just one-day Seminar? 

• Strengthen the immune system against viruses, bacteria, parasites, allergies and intolerances 

• Enhance focus and memory

 • Improve sleep and relaxation 

• Respond to small emergencies by learning ‘fast aid’

 • Reduce sports stress and anxiety

 • Strengthen posture, alignment and overall health

Overcome your daily stress, aches & infections with simple techniques

The BodyTalk Access Course is a great self-care tool to manage daily health issues such as headaches, stress, immune related infections, fogginess and lack of focus, muscle pains, emotional reactions, tiredness and many more.

The course comprises simple yet effective energy-based techniques to:

**improve right and left-brain communication;

**decrease stress;

**help the body utilize water more efficiently;

**balance the immune system;

**improve postural alignment;

**speed up the healing process during

Learned in a few hours and implemented in about 10 min, you will have these powerful healthcare tools for the rest of your life.


BodyTalk Access provides the layperson, family and community with a simple set of energy-based techniques to make health maintenance and the management of daily health challenges accessible. A majority of your day-to-day health and stress-related concerns can very easily be addressed with the BodyTalk Access routine, when done on a regular basis.

BodyTalk Access is based on the comprehensive foundation of the BodyTalk System. Several of the most powerful balancing techniques of the BodyTalk System have been adapted for use by the individual in the home, school, or work environment. These five techniques along with the Fast Aid routine, work together as a set to balance the body in very general ways. Even though the balancing is general, the effects are frequently immediately noticeable.

The wellness routine presented in BodyTalk Access helps to re-establish internal lines of communication within the bodymind. This ultimately helps the individual have improved resilience toward stress and any other factors that can be detrimental to long-term health. The Access routine is designed to be practiced as a complete set and can be done once a day or more, depending on need.

The first two techniques balance the brain, so that the brain is turned on and communicating appropriately. The next two techniques balance the metabolic processes of the body and the entire immune system, helping the body be more resistant to stress and external forces, such as germs and viruses. The final technique helps to balance posture and the physical structure of the body, thus improving range-of-motion, flexibility and overall coordination of the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The Fast Aid routine combines two of the above techniques to assist in helping the body recover from all sorts of minor to major injuries by shifting the body out of a state of shock and trauma back into the growth and healing mode. Fast Aid is highly flexible, incredibly fast and can be used anytime or place to assist in the recovery from injuries and trauma.

BodyTalk Access is designed to be used by anyone: layperson, family member, care giver or healthcare provider alike. These five simple techniques can bring about a significant improvement in health and once learned in the one-day Access class, they can be implemented in less than 10 minutes. You will have these powerful tools for health for the rest of your life.

It is our hope that BodyTalk Access will be able to provide a basic level of health maintenance in communities and countries around the world where good healthcare may not be readily available. It is also our hope to reach families and give them options to take their health back into their own hands, literally.

Benefits From the Event

The webinar targets:

• Mood Swings

• Focus and Concentration

• Weak Immune System

• Allergies and Intolerances

• Viruses, Bacteria and Toxins

• Chronic Pain

• Migraines and Headaches

• High Levels of Stress

     and much more…

Flow of the Class:

Seminar is taught over zoom,  it includes, lecture, explanation on concepts of BodyTalk, explanation of technieues, and practice.  (pasting htis from my website) 

What You Will Learn


The Cortices technique is designed to improve the communication between the two halves of the brain. (Think of it as hitting the reset button on your brain’s computer.) This improves the brain’s efficiency – in thinking ability, memory and concentration, stress reduction and enhances relaxation.

Stress can cause the mind to go into a “switched” mode, where normal brain coordination is compromised. This can manifest itself as inattentiveness, poor decision-making, confusion, poor coordination and mood swings. This technique helps restore normal brain function thus managing stress more effectively.
The body is 70- to 80 % water. All physiological processes in the cells, nerves, organs and are dependent upon a good supply of water. The Hydration technique helps to correct the body’s ability to fully use the water it has available at cellular level- thereby greatly improving the efficiency of all physiological processes.
This amazing technique is designed to stimulate the immune system of the body into addressing many chronic and acute conditions by addressing viruses, bacteria and parasites in the body without the need for drug intervention. This technique also works to help the immune system address allergies, food intolerances and accumulated toxins.
The integrity of the body’s structure, coordination of the muscles, and the unrestricted flow of energy through the body, are critical to a healthy functioning at all levels of the body-mind complex. The Reciprocals technique address all of these factors and it can significantly benefit arthritis, circulatory issues, coordination patterns, spinal problems and chronic pain.
BodyTalk Access also includes an effective first-aid system that is non-invasive, safe and extremely simple. It will resolve simple issues as a stand-alone technique. For serious conditions, it is designed to be used safely until specialized healthcare arrives.
Schedule of the Event:
When: December 3, 2022
Time : 7:30AM – 1PM
Location: Online through zoom
Cost:  Seminar fee HKD1600, Early Bird discount for 1st 8 registered is HKD1400, this includes, a manual and certificate of attendance.
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