Dr. Erica Yee-ki Chan

Registered TCM Practitioner
English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French
+852 2530 3315

Registered TCM Practitioner under the Chinese Medicine Ordinance of Hong Kong Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner (006984), Bachelor of Chinese Medicine of HKU, Professional in Acupuncture, Pediatric Tui-Na and Chinese Herbal Medicine

"Chinese medicine is all about differential diagnosis and treatment, although we are expected to follow a standard clinical protocol, there is no model answer on our textbooks."

After finishing the very intensive internship programme in Longhua Hospital in Shanghai, Dr. Erica Chan realized working in a public hospital is the most effective way to accumulate exposure to thousands of patients with some of the most complex syndromes. Dr. Erica Chan has spent years in Tseung Kwan O Hospital, tried to understand the most of the typical clinical presentation, etiology, and pathology amongst the locals. In order to also understand the different body constitution of the westerners, she then moved to France for a year and worked as a freelance practitioner. By working both in the public hospital and the private sector, these experiences have broadened her horizon and sharpened her skills in the clinical field. With experienced skills, high sense of responsibility and serious working style, she has been trusted by thousands of patients from all over the world.

Among various types of problems she handled, Dr. Erica Chan expertises in gynecological and pediatric diseases, pain relief, cosmetic related subjects, psychological problems and stroke rehabilitation. Also, she understands that most of the sickness' underlying cause is derived from the issues of psychological problems. People live in such a busy city like Hong Kong are struggling with mental stress which in turn cause physical illnesses. Therefore, she took a Postgraduate Community Psychological Medicine Programme for TCMP in HKU. By the mean of conducting talks and organizing courses, she hopes to share the skills and methods to her patients about the importance of natural healing powers of the body.

Dr. Erica Chan’s specialisation:
○ Women's Health
○ Children's Health
○ Chronic Pain
○ Psychological problems
○ Stroke rehabilitation

Therapies by Dr. Erica Chan