Energetic Kinesiology for Weight Loss

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It is not simply just eating less and exercising more; weight loss and weight management is much more. There are many factors involved in weight management to make us feel comfortable and confident in our bodies.

As many of us know, diets can have an effect in the short term. However, many of us following diets tend to find ourselves slipping back into old habits after time. Doesn’t that leave us feeling worse than when we started?

Unless we can uncover the reasons we’re actually turning to excess eating or sabotaging our exercise regime, the weight keeps coming back. That’s where kinesiology can help you.

A study shows a connection between how a woman feels about her physical image and her ability to lose weight. We can imagine that this will apply to men on a similar level.

Researchers identified a common weight gain cycle including the following key points … Do you:
○ Overeat due to stress/need for comfort?
○ Gain weight?
○ Feel bad about self and begin to self-criticize?

Findings suggest that the tendency to criticize self is usually the result of negative psychological attachments that have roots in earlier life experience.

If you’re on a weight loss plan and having trouble losing weight or are finding that particular issues are surfacing for you as you undergo your weight loss journey then kinesiology can help helping you to move forward.

I have seen clients not only shift weight but create profound changes in their lives as they have done so.

As a holistic therapy, Energetic Kinesiology looks at all issues associated with weight loss and weight management as it is related to nutrition, stress, beliefs, attitudes and attachments to past experiences. Energetic Kinesiologist uses tools that enable them to find out what is causing weight gain or the inability to achieve weight loss.

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