2021 must be the year for climate action as – “the make-it-or-break-it year,” said United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres at the launch of a report on the State of the Global Climate 2020 which highlighted accelerating climate change and worsening impacts.

Addressing climate change is vital to saving and healing our planet. 

Planting Trees – The most effective climate change solution

ETH Zurich research show that planting trees “is the most effective climate change solution available to the world right now.Reforestation is a nature-based solution that can be easily scaled up and which offers one of the best ways to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  

As trees grow they provide grounding for healing as they remove carbon dioxide from the air, store carbon in the trees and soil, and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Trees provide many benefits to us too, every day. They offer cooling shade, block cold winter winds, attract birds and wildlife, purify our air, prevent soil erosion, clean our water, and add beauty to our communities.

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At Balance Health, we are committed to providing the best Holistic Healing approach in helping our clients achieve optimal health and transform one’s mind, body and spirit. 

Planting trees helps the earth but also helps our minds by doing good for the environment around us. So we decided to partner with EcoMatcher, an organization that supports local communities in various parts of the world to improve their livelihood by planting trees.

Together with EcoMatcher we have established our first Balance Health Forest. Located in the Philippines, our forest will have 1,000 newly planted trees to help the world’s reforestation efforts and provide a positive spiritual impact to our Balance Health community.

Plant a Tree in the Balance Health Forest

Here's how it works:


Every month we offer Free Holistic Healing Sessions with our practitioners for you to try different healing modalities that help transform mind, body, and spirit.


When you join our Free Healing Sessions, you can adopt as many Trees as you want for a small fee of HK$28 each in order to help build the Balance Health Forest


Ecomatcher will give access to your adopted tree. With their technologies, you can virtually travel to your tree, personalize it and get to know the farmer who is taking care of your tree.

In-clinic Healing

Explore a 30-minute taste session of Executive and Life coaching with Judy Xu to unravel new strategies and techniques that can facilitate you to reach your goal faster.

Explore a 30-minute taste session of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy with Michell See and allow your body to deep cleansing which induces deep relaxation and antispastic actions.

Explore Hafsa Khan new healing art with a 30-minute taste session of Bodywork for pain and stress relief and energy healing for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Remote Healing

Explore a 30-minute taste session of Executive and Life coaching with Judy Xu to unravel new strategies and techniques that can facilitate you to reach your goal faster.

Explore a 30 Minutes Online Comprehensive Health Consultation with Traditional Chinese Practitioner for Immunity Boost, Stress Relief, Sleep Management, Regulate Hormonal Imbalance, Improve Fertility and treat Chronic Illness at their root cause with Grace Yu.

Where are we planting the trees?

Eco Matcher, in collaboration with the UPLB, FEED is aiming to reforest over 9,000 hectares indigenous Philippine woods in the Sierra Madre mountain range, also in consideration of generating sustainable agro-forestry livelihood opportunities for the local communities Laguna and Quezon provinces.

Currently, Balance Health Forest is located at Siniloan, laguna which is 4 hours away from the Business District of Metro, Manila Philippines. But we are in route to build more Balance Health Forest across the globe.

We aim to involve you in this beautiful project and to give you a chance to experience adopting a tree as if you had planted it yourself.

Together with our customers and our partner Eco Matcher, we want to make a difference for the future. EcoMatcher is a certified B-Corporation founded by Bas Fransen with the aim of helping companies and consumers to tackle climate change by planting new trees on their behalf. 

Adopt your Trees

Aside from joining our Healing Session, you can purchase at our Balance Shop and adop trees at the top of your Purchase. You can also choose to direct;y adopt trees and help our sustainability program.

Receive your Trees

You will receive an email with a Special Virtual box of your tree wherein you can rename, personalize and download your Tree Adoption Certificate.

Track your Trees

You can virtually travel to every tree and learn more about each tree and farmer. Moreover, you can chat your tree, and even take a “selfie” of “treefie” with your tree and farmer and share it on social media.