Why are dreams so important? What is the value of doing dreamwork? It is because dreams are the expressions of unconscious material, showing us our unknown characters and hidden potential. Those parts are never our enemy but solely representing a side of ourselves that we cannot see yet. They represent a treasure and tremendous help and healing in our life journey.


“A meaningful experience to become more whole.”

Dreamwork helps us to relate and connect to the unknown parts, break the spell of our one-sidedness, enlarge us, expand our already-too-small-container and bring us into a much larger dance with life. Most people (especially after midlife) yearn to express their true self and live life fully. We can’t and we don’t want to stay in a superficial state forever. Through dreamwork, we slowly awaken to our original blueprint of who we really are.

What to prepare for your session

We make contact with the deeper material through dreams. Dream is extremely revealing and speaking
to you about your beingness and your own truth. It’s important to decide which dream or one piece of
information that you would like to work on in our session. Prepare it in handwriting or typed out, in a
few paragraphs, in point form, some description, a simple drawing or simply in colours and shades, all
are fine. It can be in English and/or Chinese. Remember the date and time of the dream, when the
material came in. Include all information and send it in an email before the session (as to save your own
time during the session).

What to expect in your session 

We gather and quiet ourselves. We open to the heightened state of consciousness through a simple
ritual. We declare our intent and start our work together. We explore the unconscious material from
your dream and identify the patterns shown to you in the material you’ve brought in. We open all our
senses to tune in, work on the material and know more about your unknown parts. We will finish our
session with a simple ritual to release you from the heightened state of consciousness, and you go back
to your daily life with insight and understanding about the deeper mystery of life.

Suggestions on working with dreams 

Please be reminded that your dream relates to you and your life in a very personal way but not in a
definite or exclusive manner. Similar dream symbols may mean something to you and mean something
very different to another person. Therefore, we don’t start with the standard A-Z dream dictionary for
dream interpretation as it gives you an absolute statement without any stretch or imagination,
narrowing the wide range of possibilities that you draw in by your dreams. With respect to our dreams
and our own unconscious mind, we ask questions and make associations, explore and relate the dream
to your current life instead. Keep a dream journal if you can. It shows your sincere intent to the Divine.
This is also the way to befriend your own unconscious mind, and it will allow you to express your inner
energy through words, colors and drawings etc.


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