Dr. Grace’s Summer Tips for Healthy Skin

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Summer Tips for Healthy Skin

Summer is a hot and humid time in Hong Kong, the ideal environment for eczema to thrive. Chinese medicine believes eczema can be caused by food, drugs or certain toiletries, causing moisture resistance and resulting in poor blood circulation. Read Dr. Grace’s lifestyle tips and healthy recipes to combat this!

Exercise for stress relief

Exercise can eliminate the accumulation of heat in the body. At the same time, it is necessary to improve the body, restore its function of body organs, and speed up the release of moisture.


The sedentary lifestyle can cause us to feel restless, and affect our sleep. Now is a good time to participate in outdoor sports to absorb nutritious sunlight, enhance yang and improve disease resistance.

What to eat?

Mung bean and Job’s tears soup

Ingredients: 20g of Mung bean and 20g Job’s tears (綠豆、薏仁)

Directions: add 1L water with the ingredients, boil and cook for 30 minutes. Turn off the heat, add a little rock sugar.

Benefits: Mung bean helps to clear heat, itching, phlegm and dampness, suitable for people who sweat easily.

Duckweed anti-itch tea

Ingredients: duckweed( 浮萍 ) 6g, Japanese Catnip ( 荊芥 ) 9g, soft rush ( 燈心草 )5g, mint( 薄荷 ) 6g, licorice root( 甘草 ) 9g and appropriate amount of rock sugar, honey or brown sugar. (For 2 days)

Directions: Divide the medicine into 4 parts, take 1 part each time and add 250cc of boiling water to brew, simmer for about 5 minutes, then filter, then add rock sugar, honey or brown sugar.

Benefits: Heat clearing and dehumidification, cooling blood and itching; suitable for people who has skin erythema, pimple blisters, itchy rash, sleeping disorders.

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